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Pears Soap 50% off 3 x 125g $3 (Was $6) @ Woolworths Online


125gm soap bar each, a pack contains 3 of them.
Usually 6$ for a pack but now it is 3$ for a pack. Good deal.

ONLINE ONLY. So minimum order of 30$ is required for pick up and I guess 50$ for delivery, and delivery may attract extra charges.

Online Only makes this good deal a not-so-good deal. But if you combine with other items that you require then possible.

Anyways, some like it and others may not but this is for those who like it and are die hard fan of this soap :)


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • And today I got told never to buy this soap ever again…

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    I used to be a fan of this soap till production moved to India and they changed the formula in 2009. There was a bit of an uproar - Unilever said they would revert to the original formula, but then changed their mind. It was supposedly reformulated in 2016 but I haven't tried it so no idea if it has improved.

    I found out about the change when I bought some new bars and wondered why it smelled so bad. I had a look online and sure enough there were heaps of complaints.

    • I think this soap has always been produced in India.

      • Hmm, I'm not sure when production was moved. Maybe everyone only took note of the country of manufacture after the big formula change.
        This box is from when it was made in England. Not sure what year that's from though. The design doesn't look super-old.

  • does it smell like curry?

  • This the best soap I have ever used. Not so good part is that it is expensive and usage wise very slippery and disintegrates faster than comparable soaps. A lot of it gets wasted due to adherence to the soap mould/dish and also by slipping out of your hand.