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Hot Wheels Basic Toy Car Assorted $1ea @ Target


Amazing deal!

Hot Wheels have also released 2021 cars and at this price it makes for an awesome gift for a child who loves cars!

I have also seen Batman, TMNT and Toyko 2020 cars as part of the deal.

Worth having a look. For parents on a budget, buy a $1 giftbag and wrap and buy as many as you can afford and individually wrap! It makes for an exciting unveiling for Christmas.

I've stocked up for a rainy day :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Store in title?

    • I'd say it's all stores?
      I went to Rhodes, Burwood, Maquarie Park and Top Ryde in NSW and all basic were $1. I suggest maybe looking at click and collect options for your closest store.

      • posting rules dude, must put store in title.. ie. Target

        Saves Mods from doing it..

      • Just a question and no offence intended but did you hit up those stores to clean out the cars that appeal to collectors? And if so out of interest which cars would they be?

        • Nah no offense :) I'm building up a collection for my son and just happened to visit a few different Hot wheels retailers the last week to try and get as many different new releases as possible. A true collector wouldn't dare post a bargin, why risk watering down the catch!

          Hot wheels do a treasure hunt series,so collectors go for them. They are super hard to find and are normally the first ones to go. They have markings on the packet to tell you they are a treasure hunt or a super treasure hunt. From groups i'm in this is popular in the last week : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2021-HOTWHEELS-RODGER-DODGER-SUP...

          If you are also lucky to find a AE86 sprinter, Nissan Silvia, 300zx or a Barbie Monster truck or camper van you are in good form (But these aren't in Target)

  • Ugh, the title….
    What is a 'long card basic?'
    Can someone please tidy up and write something similar to 'Hot Wheels Basic Cars [email protected] Target'
    And add assorted in description..

    • A long card basic is a type of Hot wheels car released onto the market. It describes the packaging to collectors; as the same car can come in a variety of different packaging. Hot wheels at coles or woolies are refered to as shortcards. A basic just means a general release. Its part of their mainline.

      Apologies for the title. I didn't realise hall monitors governed bargins

    • Not trying to get too involved here, but long card basic mainline Hot Wheels is the name of this item - long card (as opposed to short card).

      • To add to this. Most supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles stock the short card variations whereas Kmart, Target and BigW generally stock the long card.

  • Thanks OP. Got 20. Hope they won't stuff up with duplicate ones. Missed previous 10 pack deal.