$700 to Spend on a Soundbar

Hi guys, I'm looking to grab a soundbar for my theatre room. I'm sticking with soundbar and sub.. less wires etc

Theatre is 4.8m by 4.8m square

Currently listened to

Sonos arc
Bose 500 with and without sub
Yamaha yas209
JBL 5.1 multibeam

I went into my local Goodguys to have a look but they weren't connected.. went into jbhifi.. I felt like there was too much going on "noise"

Anyway I would like to hear of any recommendations.. been told to listen to klipsch cinema 600

I have probably missed the boat for black friday prices too XD



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    isn't sonos arc closer to $1.3k to 1.4k?

    I listened to the sonos arc at jb hi fi and it sounded very nice.
    I have a bose soundbar 700 (no sub) and its decent but i think sonos arc is better

    • Yeah abit out of my price range, just listened to it sounds killer.. oh true least you can always upgrade with a sub hey

  • Don't worry about missing the bf sale. JB didn't really have any Sonos stock anyway. I went to get a arc and a sub today and was laughed out of the store.

  • Yeah fair enough :O… Wow haha I guess boxing days next??? I've got access to Goodguys commercial I'm just not 100% on which bar to get I'm really looking at Yamaha yas209 or the JBL 5.1 multibeam

  • Have Bose 300 with sub and surround, works great but some software issues have been observed.
    It turns off after 20 minutes ( have checked the software settings and still does it) if connected to ARC HDMI with TV. Works fine with its input device though.

  • If you really want to have a good listen to the soundbars before buying, check out Videopro. They've got the different brands set up and you can listen to them without all the background noise.

    I went to the Videopro store at Carindale (Brisbane) and was very impressed with their service, knowledge and pricing.

    Just my two cents.

    • Ahh bummer I'm in Perth haha.. I appreciate the input though! Gives me a chance to maybe price match from their website

  • This is slightly above your stated budget (but currently on special): https://www.harveynorman.com.au/jbl-bar-5-1-soundbar-with-wi...

    It is superb and provides the best of both worlds (can be used as a soundbar, or the detachable speakers can be set up for a surround sound experience).
    No wires.

  • Q70T down to $629 on Samsung Au site. Possibly very good bang for buck.

    • Haven't heard much about Samsung… the and bars even cheaper elsewhere for $575

  • Sonos playbar was $695 can't remember where though.

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    For a room of that size youre going to need a Sub, dont go down the route of thinking an expensive soundbar without a sub is going to fill your room with much punch. So you are on the money with needing a sub, however i think if youre looking at Sonos a lot of the entry level sound bars dont come with a sub and the sub itself is a good $700.

  • You can't go wrong with Yamaha. Keep an eye on the deals.

    • Which Yamaha are you referring too? The one I mentioned above or?

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    Went to Harvey Norman today a choice between JBL 5.1 surround with detachable speakers for $795 or the klipsch cinema 600 $765 abit above what I wanted to spend..

    But I ended with the klipsch cinema 600 I think it is amazing feels like your actually at the movies. It's just so Crisp and clear has like 3 dialog settings to hear the voices.. listened to a few movie trailers. Cranked it up sounded awesome haha. Really happy the bass was insane comes with a huge sub

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