Scalping in SA

There's a dude selling that 2080ti HP desktop from last week for $3200 on Facebook marketplace in Adelaide.
Fair play?


  • Whether its fair or not I still don't think you should scalp him..

  • As much as we may dislike it, yes. It's their property and their prerogative as is the case for any prospective buyer.

    • Does the nature of the education store play a factor. I.e. you're there on the premise of pursuit of teaching or learning, not to rip people off?

      • Different people have a different moral compass and perspective on things. This has been debated on both sides esp for things like PS5 scalping.

        • Yeah it's the same thing, I asked the seller if they had any $1300 PS5s

        • I'm in a weird spot at the moment with that.

          I have a single PS5 coming this week from Amazon and it's very hard to see people sell them for $500 over cost and not want to do that myself. I can be without a PS5 for a few months if it means a free Nintendo Switch and a few games. I still want a PS5 though.

      • It's a fair trade as long a someone are willing to pay the price.

  • Buy low and sell high.

  • The question is, who is paying $3200 for a computer that RRPs for $3079?