Weird Text Colours on Xiaomi 34 Monitor

I just received my Xiaomi monitor today and I noticed this weird coloured highlighting around text. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Does anyone know how to fix this?

(Screenshot is in Google Docs)

EDIT: Solved the problem by restarting my PC


  • In Windows, try changing the ClearType settings.

    • I tried that and it didn't work. I restarted my PC and things seem to be fine now. Appreciate the response anyways.

  • Try punching the screen few times. That should fix it.

  • One redditor had the same issue as yours. You can check it here:

    They said it is related to Nvidia/AMD control panel settings. I have this monitor and don't have this issue. I am using Nvidia GPU and my desktop colour settings on the Nvidia Control Panel is RGB, 10 bit and 144Hz. If you cannot select RGB and 10 bit at the same time, maybe switch to DP (if you haven't already) and if you have DP, then try using another DP cable (e.g. a newer version of DP) other than the one provided in the box.

    Also helps to reset your monitor settings to default before you make any changes (so you can keep track of what's what). Recalibrating your ClearType is a good idea and lastly recalibrating the screen too if you have access to a colorimeter.

    • Thanks for the advice. I dropped down to 120hz and everything seems to be fine now. Would I need a better GPU to run it at 144hz and RGB enabled? I have a 960 rn

      • Not necessarily. Are you connecting via HDMI? In that reddit link, the OP was using HDMI. The monitor only supports up to 120Hz via HDMI. To get 144Hz, you need DP. The monitor can definitely support 10 bit, RGB and 144Hz via DP. I think most GPU supports it unless yours is very old.

  • Really late but I figured out the problem. It was because my colour settings were not RGB. My 960 only has displayport 1.2 so it cant output 1440p 144hz unless I used chroma subsampling which gives the weird colours.