Best Affordable Coffee for Pour over or Aeropress?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a good coffee beans with reasonable price in retail stores. I drink one or two cups a day and mostly do a filter or aeropress as I'm not a big fan of espresso straight up.

Mostly would buy Vittoria dark roast but recently started dabbling in other brands like Lavazza, Aldi and few speciality coffee brands in store. After a few iterations I still feel Vittoria is best cost and taste wise.

Do you guys have any suggestions for something in this price bracket? ( max 20$ for 500g of beans)


  • I frequently buy them from deals I see on here for less than $30 a kg (Inglewood, Coffee on Cue, etc) and personally I much prefer them than what I've previously bought at Coles/Woolies/Aldi

  • I like fancy coffee from deals here too, but the $12 coles whole beans are surprisingly good. I can reliably get them pretty fresh (within a few weeks of packing, based on a 12month best before) and for that alone it beats the other supermarket brands that can’t ….aged.

    • The Aldi ones are better imo. Worth a shot and slightly cheaper. They are roasted in Melbourne

      • so are the coles ones i believe.

      • Heard a lot of good reviews about Aldi and they are pretty affordable too. But I felt they left a burnt taste and smell for aeropress. Would try lower water temperatures suggested by another user and see.

  • Aldi dark roast, Make sure the water is a good couple of minutes off the boil using an aeropress, you get far more bean burn and astringency from the bean if the water is too hot, about 85 or so degrees reduces that harsh taste and make a very clean coffee using the aeropress which doesn't lose a slight nutty/chocolately bean taste. Also 11.99 a kg, invest in a grinder!

    • I have recently bought the Aldi pack and you are right that there is more of that burnt taste to them from an aeropress which I haven't observed for Vittoria. I will try your suggestion and see. Thanks a lot!

  • So are you drinking your coffee black?

    • Yup. I dilute it a bit with hot water after Aeropress.

      • I'll have to give it a go and see how it tastes to me, I've been having milk with my Aeropress coffees and enjoying them a lot more than my nespresso.

        I bought the 4 X 250g packs of Vittoria that were half price at Coles a few weeks ago and they're not bad, especially for the price.

  • Vittorio/Lavazza/Harris or whatever ORO labels tend to be decent as a big brand option. I don't touch their other stuff but the ORO types are alright.
    I usually drink black too

  • I like Lavazza ORO. Been drinking it for years using a variety of methods, Press, espresso machine and now using a single cup drip machine. I drink it black and I find it has a milder taste than other coffees with no burnt taste.

    Caveat though, is I do prefer weaker long black coffee so that influences my choice.

  • Aeropress user here. Try get a lighter roast as it will work better in the aeropress and this should be similar for pour over.

    Doing your own grinding will mean you get more longevity out of a pack.