Deck & Pergola - Sydney

Hi OzB friends,

I was wondering if anyone has built a deck and pergola in Sydney and can kindly advise me the following:

  1. If i build a 25sqm deck and pergola, is this correct that i dont need council approval?
  2. How much did your deck and pergola cost?
  3. Any extra tips? ie. how to kill the weeds (I heard the builders need to layer weed matts & apply weed killer), is treated pine ok for the footing or is it better to have a steel base…

Many Thanks for your replies :)


  • you may find different councils have different regulations…

    Ring around and get people to come out and quote you, they will tell you local council regs, whats required, and scarily the cost.

  • I believe that 25sqm will max allowable limit. Well various council dependent…

    Pergola for 25 sqm insulated with downlights, translucent lights bars guttering etc about 14 to 16k…

  • Even if it doesn’t need a development application, it would still need to be a complying development and would need to comply with the regulations and be signed off by a certifier. You should really ask your local council, not go off hearsay as you could be forced to pull the deck down if a neighbour complains.

    • Hi Stewardo, thanks for the reply.

      Yup i've read that planning portal site and was hoping to just rely on it as I dont want it bigger than 25sqms :)

      Yup i shall give my council a call, cheers!