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Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap $56.86 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Great price if you've been sitting on the fence on whether to buy or not…it's a must have for all owners of this fantastic device!

Mod: 7/12 930am: Back in stock at $56.86 (Was $58.41). Thanks sparklehose

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  • +1

    I ended up buying this one, which is about the same price, but a halo-style design.


    Hope it's ok!

    • Got the nonupgraded model of that halo strap, without the extended back cushion. Quite comfortable

    • I ordered one of these a couple of weeks back too. Just ordered the Quest 2 (after confirming no BF/CM deals on the 64GB model) and case. Also ordered some of the discounted games and Virtual Desktop from the Canada store on Friday. What else do i need? I am conscious of the fact this will likely get a bit of a workout from the family at christmas so i'm thinking i need a better mask option for the inevitable sweat?

        • Thats for Quest 1

          • @b-radicool: I see, maybe that's why it's slightly larger. However it works fine for Quest 2 and the comfort level is greatly improved.

      • -6

        Virtual desktop will only work well if you have a wifi 6 router and wifi 6 card in ur pc. If your on wifi 5 then you'll want the router, headset and pc in the same room, otherwise it doesn't work well and you should just get a cable instead.

        Is recommend some knuckle straps to hold the controller easier and a mask replacement the new one gets real sweaty. Eismen or something make real cheap ones you can buy on amazon au

        • Found it worked ok with older wifi, even a Telstra cable modem setup as a pseudo access point, as long as it was the only thing on the network.

        • +1

          I had an old Netgear EX6200 range extender sitting idle in a cupboard which I set up as a 'Quest Only' wifi point and it works fine with virtual desktop, even playing games like Half Life Alyx wirelessly with the router in my office and playing about 10 meters or so away in a family area. I'm sure wifi 6 is better but certainly isn't essential to get good results.

        • I think i'll be okay on that front… i've overengineered my wifi network with multiple Unifi APs in a small townhouse so that i can get 250Mbit+ in every room.

        • +1

          I have wifi 5 and quest 2, it works fine

        • +1

          Not true, works fine on my old ac wifi computer and router, which are on different levels of the house. Latency isn't a noticeable issue for me playing like this.

      • I bought a 100 pack from Vr Cover of the protective covers for my Quest 1. Work fine for Quest 2 also. I'm also waiting on the plether interchangeable faceplate for Quest 2 which should be here by tomorrow. Great for exercise sessions where you can wipe it down straight after use instead of it going into and making soggy foam with the original faceplate.

      • The Cashbacks were great! Think most of us got the quest for ~$370 even without direct discounts.

    • Me too. It should be a lot more comfortable than the elite as with the halo design, the glasses don't press on your face… which is a huge improvement.

  • +2

    Actually found this to be very good: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4624883

    Clearly personal preference though as so many people seem to hate the original straps and I quite liked them compared with the original Quest even!

    • +1

      Did you print at Officeworks? any particular material choice?

      • +1

        Printed it on an Ender 3 Pro that came from an OzBargain deal, just used some standard 3D fillies PLA+, it had enough hold/flex for me.

    • Might give that a go.. been thinking of ordering the upgraded halo strap, but haven't found the standard one too bad.
      Found a couple of others on there too that might be worth a print, either this or this with battery clip built-in.

  • Bummer, just about to post this!
    The case is on special also for $56 :)

    • Cheers for that. I got my elite strap yesterday and now my quest 2 won't fit in the case I have. For that price I'll grab it.

    • Supercheap Auto dry case FTW ;-)


      <$10 and even space for a charging system.

      • But where to get for $9.99…

        • Damn. Their eBay listing has reverted to full price now, too :-(

        • Where abouts in Australia are you located?

          • @[Deactivated]: I'm in WA

            • @bamzero: Bugger. :-( I had one earmarked for you, but shipping would kill it.

              • +1

                @[Deactivated]: Ah, damn.. Cheers anyway.

                Have to keep my eye on it for boxing day sale maybe

      • that's awesome. What size case was it?
        Also you must of gotten a good discount to get it for $10 as the medium starts at $55…

        • +1

          The cases were listed here on OzBargain less than a week ago.

          External dimensions: 260 (W) x 245 (D) x 175mm (H)
          Internal dimensions: 230 (W) x 175 (D) x 150mm (H)

          I used another one to made a road kit for a Switch.

          • @[Deactivated]: Ahhh.. I must of been too busy looking at other BF sales and let this one slipped by even though i had automotive subscribed.
            Bummer… would have been good to our road trip as well.
            Only option for protection now is to have the Quest 2 in one baby seat, Switch in the other baby seat.

            Will keep my eyes on these hoping they'll go back on sale.

            How does the road kit for the swtich one look like? Built in screen, dock, power bank?

            • @iamtezr: Where abouts in AU are you?

              Quick video of the Switch one with battery and charge cable. No screen… yet. ;-) Thermals wouldn't be great if running the console while inside. But I feel like that might be a fun challenge all the same.

              • @[Deactivated]: down in melb but heading up your way and way up north where the sun shines then back down again haha
                Was just waiting for the NSW border to open before we organise our road trip which it has and then was hoping QLD border to open as well which it did today.
                So now our trip is confirmed

                • +2

                  @iamtezr: Drop me a DM mate. I'll sort you out with a new case that is surplus to my needs. Think of it as a not-so-anonymous Kris Kringle present…OzBargain style. 😉

      • I paid $90 recently for a pelican style case as I couldn't find one that could accommodate my Frankenquest mod.

        • I've come across to quest from PSVR and the original Rift. First time I've seen the Frankenquest. Looks awesome!

  • +2

    I've heard the elite strap sucks - breaks apart.

    Can people recommend essential accessories and best ozbargain deals?

    Things I think I need are:
    - Wrist straps
    - PU Leather eye cover for comfort/sweat wicking and because I wear glasses.

    Any advice on the above? Or anything else missing? :D

    • +1

      I get a ton more god rays with Quest 2 than the original one, found using the glasses spacer reduces it a lot and pulling it just a little more off my face makes them go away completely. So for me a slightly thicker padding will be good. Have not found the one it comes with that bad, that can be a bit itchy.

      • I find getting the right fit with my glasses very tricky - tends to go out of focus quite a bit, need to readjust

    • +1

      Knuckles straps are better than wrist straps. You can buy them rather cheaply on eBay but also on Amazon.

      • recommend any? I see a few on ebay but trust the ozbargainer crowd

        • I bought the KIWI knuckle straps from amazon last year for the original quest and they worked well.

          • @Gravy Train: the ones for original quest work for quest 2?

            • +1

              @chillipaste: Sorry should have made it clear. I sold them with my original quest before buying the 2 so Im unsure if they would work, just saying my experience of the brand!

        • I am a broke tightarse and I bought the cheapest thing I could find on eBay — think I paid only 15 dollars.

          They work well enough for me and I have no complaints about it's comfort, you could spend $20 or $30 for "branded" stuff but I think there are diminishing returns as to how well they feel on your hand.

        • I got the eisman or whatever pack and they work well. A lot cheaper than the other ones too.

    • +2

      It really seems to be luck of the draw with the Elite Strap - there are people who've gotten a bad one but HEAPS of people who love the darn thing. However, you're ordering through Amazon and their return/replace policy will be good until the end of January.

      For a 25% discount I figured it was worth taking a punt. May the odds be ever in your favour!

      • that's a good point - the return policy is a good safety net.

      • +1

        Yeah I also thought I'd give it a go at this price. Apparently its way easier/quicker to put it on and find the sweet spot which will be good for a party session with friends/family.

        • ok sold….geez thanks ozbargain checks empty wallet

  • +3

    Ordered one, cheers OP. Heard mixed things about the quality, but fingers crossed. Received my Quest 2 yesterday, very happy with it. Cant believe how easy it was to be able to play Rift/SteamVR games using Virtual Desktop.

    • The quality is great, I was expecting the thing to break within a month and get a refund hoping an alternative third party would be released during that time.

      • Glad to hear.

        I saw the Elite Strap with battery pack and case pop up on Amazon briefly last night for $218, was going to make a post but didn't want the OzInstock comments. Always found with my Vive that I'd only really play in short bursts, so not sure the extra playtime would be worth the premium.

  • Bought both the case and the elite strap at full price over the weekend. Damn me.

    • +2

      Jump on Amazon chat. They might refund the difference cause it'll be in the refund period. Worth a shot

    • +1

      Me too with the strap. Funny thing though, just sent an email to Amazon complaining about this and they credited me back the difference..lol! Give it a go ;).

      • Thanks guys, had a chat with Amazon and they credited me the difference.

  • Can these devices stream x-rated content?

    • +1

      It's a little bit fiddly, but yes

      • A little bit of fiddling?

    • +1

      Yes, just need the right app and right website ;)

  • +1

    Looks like it’s no longer in stock?

    • Looks like it :(

  • now $200+

  • OOS :(

  • Anyone recommend a wireless controller? Xbox is the best? Quest 2 doesnt like my Switch Pro and dualshock

    • +1

      My favorite is the SN30+ since it works on the Quest, PC and Switch, and has gyro support for Switch + PC and analog triggers

      • Thank you. Added to my watchlist..

        • I should add, the SN30 PRO+ is the one with analog triggers, the regular SN30 PRO does not.

  • does anyone have a screenshot of the page when it was in stock?

    • 1 left in stock now, quick quick!

  • +1

    this is their PS Vita memory card. Sell the base product cheap, lose money or make little/no money, and make money back selling overpriced but essential accessories.

    You need this piece of plastic because the strap it comes with is deliberately bad to get you to buy this.

  • +1

    It's back on stock.
    also, if you purchased your item within reasonable time with higher price, you could ask for refund for the price difference.

    I purchased on 30/11 at 79aud, then just now I went to amazon and got the price diff refunded as voucher.

    from amazon client service:
    I've issued a $23 promotional certificate to your Amazon.com.au account, which will automatically apply the next time you order an eligible item sold and shipped by Amazon. The promotional certificate doesn't apply to items offered by other sellers on the Amazon.com.au website and won't cover the purchase of gift wrap or additional shipping costs.
    Your promotional balance doesn't appear in Your Account, but will always display at checkout when you place an order through the Shopping Cart for an eligible item shipped and sold by Amazon AU.

    The voucher is pretty limited and has an expiry of 6 month only though, better than nothing.

    • +1

      as ozbargainers thats basically $23 cash anyways

  • Back in stock currently at $57.41

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