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Booking.com: 12% Cashback @ Cashrewards


It's back again! Time to book your next getaway.

Similar to the previous deals here, here and here and so on.

Triple Cashback - Booking.com 12% Cashback at Cashrewards.

With booking.com I notice the prices are the same whether you click through for cashback or not (unlike Agoda which up the price when you do cashback). So why not save yourself 12%. Good thing is that a lot of options have free cancellation so I was able to cancel a previous booking and rebook to get 12% cashback!

Important: Ensure "In Partnership with Cashrewards" or "Cashrewards" branding logo is displayed on each page of your booking. Your sale will not track and will not be attributed to Cashrewards if logo is not present. Your Booking.com confirmation email must also show this and claims will not be accepted if not present. Sample screenshots here & here.

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  • I am unable to see the logo on the page with Cashrewards plugin for Chrome installed, after disabling the plugin it works fine… I'm guessing both tracks, but rather not take any chances :)

  • You would think hotels and travel agencies would slash their prices by much more to incentivize travel but seems like this is just a normal "deal" pre-covid.

    Be warned, you will get different prices going through affiliates compared to going directly to their site.

    • Hotels are having no issues getting bookings though, why would they discount further then normal?

      • Really? I seriously doubt it. What's the average vacancy rate right now?

        • country Vic where I live is getting booked thru the roof. People cannot holiday overseas, Melb people are now free….. it's a perfect storm for the accomodation industry in rural areas

        • QLD in general already had decent bookings everywhere, but once the borders opened everything is being booked out.

    • Generally I’d agree with your statement about different prices going through affiliates compared to going direct but that appears to not apply to Booking.com

      I know Agoda you’ll definitely get a higher rate if you’re going through a cashback affiliate compared to direct but with booking.com I have yet to see any price discrepancies (which is why it’s my go to).

      • Last time there was a 12% off sale on booking.com the properties I looked at were jacked by exactly the amount extra so that you got nothing more than the usual 6%

  • usually when you connect to sites like booking.com from CR etc the prices are automatically increased?

  • Thanks! Been waiting for a nice cashback to book a short trip.

  • Now where to go to beat the heat?

  • Do yourselves and hotel businesses a favour. Before using this scam ripoff site, see if the actual accomodation can match the price. Booking.com and others extort so much money for terrible services and it all goes out of the country


    • I've always found external booking websites to be cheaper and have better cancellation policies.

      • In places that have many rooms, those who book using booking.com etc often get given the worst rooms. Have heard about this happening at numerous good hotels.

        Makes sense too.

        • I've never been given a bad room, always had the room as advertised.

          Its kind of hard for them to give you a bad room when you get a photo of exactly what you are going to get.

          Even when I've requested a high up floor, I've received it, yes possibly if I paid directly I would have an even higher up room, but I doubt it.

          • @samfisher5986: Meant bad rooms in terms of being in a noisy area or outlook etc (window looks at a wall). Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it isn't happening.

            • @bohn: Most hotels don't have bad rooms like you suggest, and it wouldn't be good for reviews to give a customer a room that doesn't represent what they expected.

              I think you are taking a random internet rumor, or what one hotel has done, and are suggesting its something that actually happens, when its not.

              They would be better off giving the booking.com customer a good room so that they give a good review on booking.com and the Hotel gets more customers.

              Remember that they signed up for booking.com specifically to get more customers, not reduce their customers.

              • @samfisher5986: Even the Park Hyatt Melbourne has a room that doesn't have a great outlook. And at some point, hotels will be at 100% capacity. Someone will have the less than desirable room. Some hotels may choose to give it to those they earn less from.

                Hotels go on these sites because they are pretty much forced to (because others are). Doesn't mean they like it, they would prefer you book direct.

                Anyway, of course it doesn't happen everywhere, but it still happens. Whether or not you believe it.

                • @bohn: If they preferred you booked direct then they would have their own sales or give discounts if you ask, or even match price, but many do not.

                  • +2 votes

                    @samfisher5986: I mainly stay at places like Park Hyatt, Shangri-La etc. Shangri-la will give you decent discounts if you stay 14 days or more - but you have to ask. I agree they should offer discounts/price match more regularly - but they don't want to discount the 'brand'. These rooms that people get through booking.com are considered a discounted room to the hotel - as they are sometimes paying 15-20% in commission.

      • That’s because the booking sites hound them and bully them into relaxing their cancellation polices.

        Booking.com takes 15-20% commission (if not more in some of these promotions).

        As many others have said, book direct. Call up and mention this offer, and mention that you know Booking.com is still going to make a tidy profit and see what they can do.

        More than likely they’ll eat the 11% as they’ll still come out ahead in the end.

        Also the reason why they don’t discount on their direct website is because again, the booking sites will hound and bully them if they do.

        • Plenty of people have mentioned that calling direct and wanting a discount generally doesn't work and its just awkward and poorly reacted to.

          Lets not pretend that calling direct actually works, because most of the time it doesn't or at best they won't be able to beat what booking.com/cashback offers.

          • @samfisher5986: It’s worked every time I’ve done it.

            They may not beat it, but if they can match it, you’ve saved them paying more commission than they have to.

            Booking.com takes 15-20 % (maybe even more if it’s a big promotion) commission… so essentially this discount is funded by the hotel.

            Let’s not pretend you don’t work for one of these OTAs.

          • @samfisher5986: Yeah I've had the full spectrum of experiences using the booking app and trying to get places to match.

            One place in country Victoria was quoting close to $160 per night and wouldn't budge. I went back to the car and booked the exact same room for $125… So now they've lost more than once.

            Plus when you get genius levels you tend to get better cancellation and booking options.

            But in Hobart I've definitely been given "shitty" rooms before that were next to the laundry or opposite the elevators even though I booked months in advance.

            • @Telios: You can get those same shitty rooms booking directly though.

              Sure maybe they are more willing to book them out to 3rd party customers, but then most customers come through 3rd party sources and they are the ones who give reviews.

      • I've always found external booking websites to be cheaper and have better cancellation policies.

        Thus is why I suggest calling the hotel first, if they cant match the price then go thru these companies. The fact they charge 20% means the actual hotel can give a decent discount to offset this. As for cancellation policies…NOPE!! Totally inflexible, also if you have issues it can be a huge headache. I am mainly talking about smaller end of the market accommodation though and not big hotels which is different.

      • Same here, one receptionist actually told me to sit down in their lobby and use my phone to book online through an external website then come back to her. Lol.

  • Please book direct with the hotel as they may have a slightly cheaper rate than the third party websites. Some of the hotel managers and not so savvy small business owners cannot be bothered to maintain rate parity across the rates or fall for the third party website tricks and offer them cheaper rate in exchange for fake promises of better visibility, more bookings etc., Majority of the time this becomes counter productive as your commission costs ends up being too high and the net profits low. It might be slightly cheaper on the direct hotel website at the time of booking rather than after all the cashback amounts factored in. It helps the business to stay afloat and also keep the money in the country. But for the businesses that can be bothered to maintain rate parity, please book direct to help them. Tourism sector was the first one to be hit because of the pandemic and will most likely be one of the last sectors to recover. Many of these third party websites offer discounts from their commissions as they want to get the customer to stick to their brand which is fair enough as well. But if it is only few dollars difference in the end, please book directly with the hotel which will also help with keeping the jobs and the economy in the long run. My 2 cents.

    • I've booked hundreds of hotels in the past and I've never found booking direct to be cheaper, this is just a myth.

      3rd party sites are 100% of the time cheaper because of coupons/cashback.

      The only exception to this is the few providers, often not traditional hotel/motels that have big sales occasionally, but honestly I've mostly only seen this during covid.

      • Your maths is broken.

        Why would the hotel sell their room cheaper 100% of the time on an online travel site, then also pay them 15%-20% of commission on top of that?

        Many hotels have their best rates on their direct booking site, and will discount over the phone (as they get in trouble if they advertise it on their website).

        Give them a call, build a rapport and you’ll get a better rate, and likely some good advice for visiting and your trip there.

        • Yea i think it depends on how you ask.

          Ive had discount when calling, no discount, booked out or get a free night

          Like some people who buy cars at rrp because they dont know how to approach it.

      • I've booked hundreds of hotels in the past and I've never found booking direct to be cheaper, this is just a myth.

        Absolute bullshit, you really do not know what you are talking about. Maybe big hotels but not smaller places. I do this all the time and they are super happy to be called direct and have ALWAYS offered either the same or a better price

      • Agree with samfisher5986, it's rare that direct is a better deal unless the place does not offer coupons, is part of a hotel loyalty program with its own best rate guarantee or the direct offers other benefits such as bkfast, late checkout

        I've never seen situations where calling is better than coupon / cashback after checking out all the 3rd party. In fact, the places will tell you to "book via the other website as they can not offer that price". Add to this that the reception person taking bookings is usually not the business owner and thus do not have the ability to match 12% off a 3rd party.

        There are some exceptions but 3rd party is almost always a better deal with upsized cashback such as this. Hearing BS about business not making as much profit is just a sob story, we are a community of bargain hunters and it is a "choice" for the hotel to offer it's rooms on 3rd party websites. There's no reason the tech company shouldnt be profiting as they offer a service and visibility, likewise keeping $50 in a customers pocket through utilising discounts is just as valid as putting $50 in the hotels pocket.

        Also as someone who stays at hundreds of hotels and is very price sensitive, if you were able to get cheaper room direct, and on a regular basis, chances are you just aren't aware of the best sites and discount codes to use, rather than you being amazing at approaching the negotiation

        • Exactly, and who wants to call and bother a receptionist who is going to be frustrated due to customers waiting in line and will need to ask the manager/owner?

          As you said, its highly likely he just didn't know what the best price was to begin with and thought a small discount was the best deal directly.

          • @samfisher5986: In large hotels I agree, just use whatever is best for you. Also may be the case with cashback.

            In smaller hotels, motels, holiday accommodation etc they are happy to have someone call and ask direct. They are also happy to discuss other things to make your stay better, organise loyalty discount return rates, early check ins and so on. They are fully aware of the charges from booking.com and others and this comes out of their pocket and goes to the U.S.

            If you deal direct they are way more helpful with discussing refunds or moving dates. If you need to cancel or move dates outside of the stated cancellation conditions, booking.com will just tell you to deal with the hotel. The hotel won't help much because they still get the charge by booking.com etc. They can't move dates when booked outside because booking.com make this an almost impossible venture.

            As I said, big hotels ok. Small places…just give them a call and see.

            I've spent my life travelling over 140 countries and also internally. I now live in the Alpine shire Vic and deal with tourism with many friends who own hotels, motels and holiday units. Go to any of these places and say 'this is what booking.com offers can you match it as I want to support local'. They will not only offer you a great price but will also give you better service for supporting them

            • @slipperypete: I understand your point but I still disagree.

              Yes some small places might be more willing to have a conversation, especially if they aren't a premium place (Like a small rainforest cottage/villa etc)

              But the question is, do you really want to call and stuff around with that when the guaranteed discount is already there?

              And refunds are a huge reason for that, if the website doesn't already have a 48 hour 100% complete refund policy then I'm not going to discuss with the hotel for a special policy as they can can just try and get out of that later.

              Literally the only benefit you can have from calling directly is that the hotel gets more profit, but they are only giving the discounts because of the hotel booking site that you are trying to destroy by booking directly. Hotels had their chance to be cheap and competitive when direct was more common.

              The downsides outweigh the benefits easily, rude responses to your call, wasting time, refund policies not honoured correctly (Maybe you get credit instead) or maybe they put you in the worst room they have as they take it personally because you called and wanted it cheaper.

              I think its important to remember that these hotels need to offer minimum 10% to even get close to being competitive with booking sites, but often you can get more then 10% or a better refund policy thats automated.

              • @samfisher5986:

                maybe they put you in the worst room they have as they take it personally because you called and wanted it cheaper.

                ha ha yeah this happens I am sure, I know people who do this. If I call it is 'hey I wanna deal directly with you and help you out. Can you match them?' Kind of I scratch your back you scratch mine and they are immensely grateful. If you go to them saying gimme discount then yeah you get the room next to the toilets

                I guess a lot just comes down to how you think. I always like to give them the option and am very anti big corporate structures wiping out the small players. I've come from a profession dealing with greed and corruption on a sickening scale at the cost of those around so will spend the rest of my life trying to regain some karma ;)

                I still use those booking sites for big hotels and busy times. I try to use air bnb in those cases when possible though. Most accommodation places far prefer dealing with them and get a better easier deal.

                I guess also, if you are busy then these sites are far easier to deal with

            • @slipperypete: Not my experience at all, small hotels are even more likely to be eligible for insane stacking discount codes and offers. It's the large hotels where discount codes are not eligible and they are usually part of a chain.

              There was a period when cheaptickets 18% off the room for example with overseas fee free card was the same price as expedia. Getting a whopping 18% off your room rate they'd just laugh at you if you asked to match direct. Then you have cases on Agoda where the room already starts off cheaper than direct, then you can use 10%+ promo codes or 13%+ cashback promos, or both!!

              This isn't even anywhere near the best promo booking.com has had, I've had $120 off $360 offers on the reg in the past (33% off any hotel). Add to that certain hotels eligible for genius discount or benefits. List goes on, 13% Agoda cashback, 30% off amex travel etc., Getting the max mystery discount of over 35% off using lmtclub and a promo code

              There's been nothing close to these offers and I am EXTREMELY skeptical that the hotel, or even many hotels, would even consider taking even 12% off their room rate just because you call and ask, no matter what your reason is. It's also not reality when you think a hotel would be grateful when you say "hey, booking.com is offering 12% off via cashrewards, can I do you a favour by paying you way less and you matching that price. I want to help you". I call BS!!!!

              • @takutox: Convenience arguments aside, just remember that any discount you get from one of these booking websites is being subsidised by the hotel. The margin for Booking.com is 20% of the total stay. They will play with that all the time (even if it's just a few dollars) / run promotions to undercut the hotel's published direct prices.

                The hotel may laugh and not want be willing to discount their rate openly in some cases where the OTA is basically doing the big discounting for them and taking a much lower cut, but in general I'd encourage people to always try and book direct first.

                When promotions like this aren't running, in most cases I've been able to get at least a 10% discount booking direct with smaller operators.

                If you don't want to annoy the receptionist / reservation manager, just don't call at 10-11 am or 2-3 pm (peak check-in and check-out times).

                I know this is OZB and the easiest / cheapest route always wins, but in some cases it's worth the extra effort to support small business keeping money in their pocket rather than a massive multi-national.

                • @bargaineer: I disagree.

                  If I have to call and waste my time, I should be getting a bigger discount then booking.com etc.

                  If they hotel wants me to book direct, they should offer a discount on their website.

                  The best way to book hotel is comparing stuff online, calling is just going to lead to bad decisions as well as having to give your credit card over the phone which is not secure.

  • I had problems with Booking. It said no charge until you get to the hotel. I paid extra to pay on arrival. Hotel debited my card straight away. I always use Agoda to book accommodation. I only did booking cause they had a high cash back. Never, ever again

  • Expired? it says 4% now but its still being advertised on the main page as 12% and ends on 3 dec 12:59pm…
    Stuff up?

    • Yeah I noticed this too, was about to book but it's reverted to 4% so cancelled.

      Not risking losing 8% of the booking.

      Can any rep from CR clarify what the issue is here? It definitely said the expiry was 12:59pm EDT today, so another 12 hours away.

  • Any reps from CashRewards who can clarify what's gone wrong with this deal?

    The 12% has reverted to 4% early. The ad on the main page (and the expiry box promoting the increased cashback) said it would be 12% until 12:59pm AEDT on 3rd Dec, 11 hours from now.

  • So it looks like it is now back 12% cashback.
    I did make a booking early this morning because only 1 spot left so didn't want to miss out but it said 4%.

    Can rep from Cashrewards confirm whether it will be automatically increased to 12% for my rebate since it was misleading otherwise?

  • Back to 4% again