Paid Dell $2975.08 for Laptop - I Cancelled Order - Dell Not Refunding Me

Hi OzBargain,

Hopefully you guys can give me some financial advice regarding this situation with Dell Australia.

1) So a month ago, I purchased an XPS 17 Laptop from them for $2975.08.
2) Payment on this order was declined via Credit Card
3) I receive an email asking me to pay Dell Australia the amount of $2975.08 due to declined payment.
4) I pay the amount via EFT and attach receipt
5) I decide I want to cancel the order, they say that's fine and you will receive refund.
6) I don't receive refund after a month
7) Turns out when they asked me to pay the amount of $2975.08 via EFT, the staff from Dell that emailed gave me the wrong order reference number to put in the bank transfer description
8) They now refuse to give any refund and I lost $2975.08 with no laptop ever received

Anything I can do to get my money back? They are completely non responsive and do not understand the issue, nor do they confirm that they have $2975.08 of my money.

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    Contacting fair trading/ACCC as they’re at fault not you. Also you could try contacting your bank and see if they can reverse the transaction.

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    Contact your bank and request a funds recall.

    • Dell has to agree with the request which doesn't seem likely given the OPs story.

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    Check with your bank if they can reverse the funds transfer.
    If not, report to your state's fair trading body.
    Otherwise it's take them to court in small claims.

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    Raise a complaint with fair trading. I went through a similar issue recently with NSW fair trading and they got involved with the company i had a complaint with. Overall i was underwhelmed with the process. Theres not a lot of protection/help for the consumer. but they contacted the company and the company are legally obliged to respond.

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      sad reality for many years now contrary to the pretence that routinely occurs.

  • Horrible experience and you did everything instructed.

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    Does not go unnoticed, story makes no sense

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    Question, the email where you got the bank details, was it legit and did you transfer to the correct bank account for Dell, not to someone's personal account? If to correct account then you can contact your bank and ask them proof that this transaction was successful and to provide you a copy of transaction with reference number. This is your proof that this transfer happened and then you can go to fair trading/ ombudsmen etc

  • Hi OP, I also purchased a Laptop from Dell on 26th November last month - I think the payment gateway was down, so I made payment via EFT.

    It was a vague process as you're required to send a copy of the EFT to a 'Accounts' email address as proof of purchase. I received an order confirmation two days later.

    Annoyingly the confirmation advised the Laptop was expected for delivery mid December despite the 2-3 business days advised at the time of purchase…

    Happy to help if you take this up with NSW Fair Trading.