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[PS4] Death Stranding for $24.95 Standard Edition from PlayStation Store AU


Have been looking for a digital version for sometime. Perfect for those who have Digital PS5's ..

Yes I am talking to all 5 of you

The digital deluxe edition is also on sale for $44.95.

From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience for PlayStation®4.

Brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carry the disconnected remnants of our future and embark on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time.

Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

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    Yes I am talking to all 5 of you

    Take your hecking upvote and get out.

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      back to reddit champ

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        Are you one of the 5?

    • +3

      "There are dozens of us!"

      • Nice Mankind reference ;)

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    I have a digital PS5… I feel attacked… where is my report button? I need an adult!

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      That's two of us; I wonder who the other 3 are :P

      Seriously though if there was a PS5 upgrade to Death Stranding I might have bitten on this deal, as it stands though I'll probably wait for a better PC sale.

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        yeah at this point if I'm buying this, I'll grab it on PC - can be had right now for $33 or so -

      • right here! Although still waiting for it to arrive

        • I wanted a Digital PS5, but could only get a disc-based one. Buying digital is just that much easier for marginal costs that I write off as time to swap discs in/out of the console. I don't forsee myself buying any PS5 discs. Can I be an honorary member of the club?

          • @FatBoyNotSoSlim: Hey! No hate with this question I'm genuinely curious, did you not find any benefit in getting the more expensive disc version for cheaper physical game? Or do you tend not to purchase new release games right away?

            • @Darkvolcos: @Darkvolcos Honestly it's just a convenience factor for me. The last two games on disc that I tried to save $30 on by getting physical releases, the stores messed up (one Amazon AU, one JB Hifi) and didn't deliver the game for a few days after release.
              All digital games are available on release night for me, pre-downloaded, ready to play.

              I'll happily pay a little extra to get something I want to play on release digitally for convenience, and I can wait for sales months later if something else is out, that I kind of want.

              Also, I don't care to trade games in to get some money back, so digital-only is fine by me.

              If anything, having the disc drive might come in handy if 4k Blurays, maybe.

              • @FatBoyNotSoSlim: Fair enough man! If it's not for you it's not for you. Definitely raise some good points.

              • @FatBoyNotSoSlim:

                If anything, having the disc drive might come in handy if 4k Blurays, maybe.

                Yeah but who even buys those now?

      • -1


        But let’s face it physical media is a dying commodity.

        Scenes when Sony render the disc drive useless when they announce carbon reduction detectors of moving to digital media only.

        • +1

          Agree, I can see physical discs fading in favour of a subscription based platform like the xbox game pass. I never liked digital but the convenience is getting the better of me especially with a decent HDD. Though until Sony has a competitive RRP im probably going to still use discs.

          • +1

            @Damannation: I do wonder if Sony will be forced to allow retailers to sell digital codes to games if they were to ever phase our physical discs.

            • @Freaksta: EB games is already selling pc digital codes along with some Xbox and ps games so I don’t see why not

            • @Freaksta: I would be all for that if it means competitive pricing but I can't see it happening. Microsoft has done it for ages with Xbox.

      • I have a digital PS5 too, having trouble playing my back catalogue of PS4 disc games. So glad for the PS+ Collection bundled in with it, as it easies the pain.

        • Bet your router is melting down from all the downloading

    • My PS4 has never had a disc in it, not once. It was a no-brainer for me to save money and go for the digital edition of PS5 since I'll be going all digital anyway.

      Like PC for well a over a decade now (last two PCs I've owned didn't even have optical drives), and more recently with Xbox and Switch, there's no going back from the benefits of a digital library.

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    i started this game less than a week ago. im absolutely loving it. love the music too as you make your way across the land.

    • +1

      forgot to change accounts eh

  • +3

    Sorry am not interested buying uber eats/deliveroo story

    • +1

      Cheaper than most Uber eats/deliveroo options and lasts longer.

    • +1

      Most games are about do a mission move from A to B. Death Stranding just made it more essential. BTW, like many classical games, it introduces game play slowly (unlike UBI soft games …). Each chapter gives a new element, then, all the game play combines existed elements with new elements. Basically, the game is carefully crafted with limited budget maxium game play. I won't compare it with GTA, however, for $25 it is much better than most nowaday AAA games, from the story telling to the fun it brings.

      • +1

        Agreed. I found the gameplay to be very unique, the music and visuals amazing, and the world-building and narrative very compelling. It shits all over most AAA games like Ubisoft's generic open-world games and all their clones, for example.

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    $25 disc version at Amazon (was $19 BF) for the other 999,995 with the PS5 disc edition.

    • +1

      Agree…but digital works well for those who do game sharing with 'family'.

  • i started this game less than a week ago. im absolutely loving it. love the music too as you make your way across the land.

  • +1

    paid $20 at Big W on Sunday

    • Same! Days Gone and IronmanVR!

  • I would've bought d/l for $25 rather than disc for $20 - if I'd known about the future.

  • +1

    $19 at JB and $20 at Amazon not long ago, no?

  • +1

    I started this game a few weeks ago and tried so much to like it……:( couldn't do it for now, not sure why and I new it was a walking sim. Great music does not make a great game… my two cents

    • +3

      The game play is very slow in the begining. However, it is not a a walking sim. In fact the walk may only be first 1 hr. Then, you have a bike, I understand some lands are not bike-friendly - that is point: the game try to tell you to improve driving skill, the path finding, not "back to walk".

    • +1

      How far in did you get? Because once you get to the second area and start unlocking more ways to get around, the game opens up a lot more.

  • Yea nah nah digital nah.

  • +1

    Does anyone else play PS4 games via Remote Play?
    I usually like buying games digitally (on sale) so that I can change games while remote.
    I'm deciding whether to return the $20 disc I bought off Amazon on Friday …

    • +1

      Yeah i have a Vita and Tablet/Controller.
      Remote play and now the ps4/ps5 combo (one in the house, one in the cave).. is making digital a bit more appealing than it was

  • I have this still unopened… Is it a 'beautiful' game worth waiting to play on PS5?

  • Think of this game as a tech demo for the future of Metal Gear.

    • +1

      Konami without Kojima releases amazing MG games like Metal Gear Survive…

      • -1

        Konami will take Kojima back. He'll be made creative director or something. It's just like Steve Jobs' exodus from Apple, he went off and built the Next computer which turned out to be a great fit for Apple when they needed him back. Kojima is always going to be developing with MGS in the back of his mind.

        • +1

          He left on bad terms. I don't think he would want to go back.

          Kojima wanted a break from MGS for decades. MGS2 was meant to be his last game, then they made him do 3, then he wanted to retire again from MGS, and they made him do 4, and then 5. He wanted to do something new and finally got to do that after he was booted.

  • Do we think this will be included in PS Plus collection eventually? I do want to play it but probably won’t get to it for a while anyway

    • not any time soon because it's still recent.

  • -2

    what a weird thread - a dickless future for all apparently where paying more is better on oz bargain….

  • +1

    Keep on keeping on!

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