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Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - $379 @ Bing Lee


Not as cheap as it’s ever been but still good price. May help out someone who missed out on the jbhifi or good guys deal.

Powered by the Dyson digital motor V7
Up to 30mins of fade-free suction
0.54L bin volume
Two power modes
No-touch dirt emptying
2 Tier Radial™ cyclones
Docking station
Easily reaches up high

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  • Same price at JB, the Good Guys and Harvey Norman

    • Ah ok. But atm jbhifi and good guys out of stock and can’t be ordered from GG or JB right now. Because no stock. So may be the same price at JB or GG but not much use if they don’t have stock.

      Also Dyson has it same price @$379

      Dyson offer expires midnight 02-12-20

      • Deal seems to have expired now, but this was a good post. I personally bought it from bing lee via eBay on the weekend (with cash back and coupon codes etc) because JB and GG were completely out of stock on my area

  • I got this for my mother on mothers day and its really damn good for the car or computer etc.,..

    I wanted the wand and head so I can vacuum the floor but the rep said that this model will wear out the engine because it's sucking it up through a long tube.

    Funny enough, my friend gave me her wand and head from her old V7 and I attached it to this model, fits perfectly and it sucks perfectly.

    • That's weird, where did you go that they said that?

      • I went to the Dyson warehouse in the southern suburbs of Sydney, online chat and over the phone. They all said the same thing, they refused to sell me the wand and head. And they all said the V7 "Handheld" version is not made for the wand and head.

        I went to binglee and detached the V7 handheld and attached the V7 Cordless stick wand and it attached perfectly.

        I think it's Dysons way of saying: "too bad, you need to buy the cordless stick version"

        Funny thing, I wanted to see the engine specs for both the V7 Handheld and the V7 Cordless Stick version because I am pretty sure they are both the same model engines. Dyson just advertises one is handheld and one comes with the wand and head. Dyson website does not give a full spec breakdown on either models, so I can't confirm my theory that both V7s use the same engine.

  • Not a good price. $299 is a good price

  • What's the difference between this one and the Dyson V7 Cord-free vacuum?

  • No problem

  • It says $599 on Binglee, am I missing a discount link?