Kris Kringle Bargains - RRP, or discounted amount?

So you have a Kris Kringle, and the limit is $30.

Of course, being a true OzBargainer you manage to find something discounted down to $12.95 (Usually $39.95).

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    I give the cheap present, and pocket all the savings.
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    I share my bargain hunting power, and find another great bargain for the rest of the $30 limit.


  • 30-12.95=Eneloop

  • Depends how much you like the person

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    limit is $30.

    I could interpret it as Valued at $30, because without the sale, it’ll $30

  • Petrol station on way to work

    Get some little trees, sunscreen, sunglasses etc

  • The limit is clearly meant to mean 'spend no more than/about $30', not 'get something with an RRP of no more than/about $30'.

    You need to spend close to what the limit is.

    • Absolutely agree! Most kris kringles are optional, so if you don't want to spend the money don't participate.

      My husband always gets total rubbish in his work Kris Kringles and it's obvious people haven't spent the suggested ammount. Once it was a random plate that was already used (scratches etc) that someone had clearly just got out of their cupboard. Another time it was trivia cards from Aldi that cost $5 (they were selling them in our local store) when then price guide was $10. He also got skincare samples that were free from the beauty counter one time (at least I enjoyed those).

      • My favourite/most hated is the cheap (but not cheapest) bottle of wine in the bottle-o gift bag. Partly because I don't like wine, but mainly because it just screams 'I put in no effort and got this on the way to work today'.

        • That's interesting and good to know! I actually love a bottle of wine, so assume others do too, so I might avoid this in the future. I think the reason I like getting wine is that it's not any of the things listed above and I'll actually get use out of it. I once got something so odd at work that I can't name it here, as if any of my coworkers follow ozbargain it will reveal my identity.

  • Spend $12.95, leave $39.95 sticker on.

  • If you are going to only give them the $12.95 item then make sure they don't know your OzBargain username.

  • I've been in this situation many times, and I always go with the value, not the actual cost. I'm sure others would disagree, but I always figure the recipient will never know that I got their gift for a discounted price, and if I had to buy even more to make it up to the actual spend, I'd just look like I was showing off.

    Occasionally I'll buy something small to bulk the gift up. Depends what the gift is!

    • Do you not think that lots of other people know how much you can get something for when it's discounted? A lot of things are never intended to be sold at their RRP, and I'd say most people know that. Just look at how many people follow OzB.

      • I agree, but there are also some bargains that aren't widely known! The discounted items I've given didn't come from OzB, mostly Amazon, and were genuinely discounted, not a fake RRP. And my Secret Santas are only ever for work colleagues (my family/people I actually care about get good stuff) and the work gifts are all always rubbish, and are expected to be. I should point out that our limit is $10. So you can make of that what you will!

  • I like to flex the ozbargain muscles, so I try to load up for $30 if I can be there to tell about the cool bargains captured.
    We have a secret Santa amongst one half of the family, so I will hold onto my best bargains (e.g last year was a case of Little Creatures and a tool set under the $50 limit).
    Sometimes, it isn’t appropriate, for example I wouldn’t send a $50 lego set to a kids party if I only spent $25, as that would put pressure on others to have a more lavish gift, and I don’t want to be the source of that.

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    I spend the amount, but try and get the best possible value for it so that the person gets a nice surprise

    Then I see other gifts (mainly electronic stuff) where I know the person has just gone to the nearest store and got it whereas I could have got it for half the price

  • it depends on the 'item' if it is something that it is commonly known to be on sale under ~$20 then i'd probably get something at least of the value of ~$10 but if it is something that generally doesnt go on sale and no one would be the wiser i'd pocket the rest cal it a day

  • So glad I don’t have to do this anymore.

  • I always spend the amount, never under, doesn't matter if I get a good price, that just means I can get put something extra with it. It's Christmas, it's supposed to be about spreading joy! These things are rarely mandatory, so if you're not into it, don't participate.

    If anyone is wondering what to get from their Kris Kringle here are some ideas, particularly for those workplace ones where you don't know who you're buying for (obviously everyone is different, but these are things I would appreciate receiving, so others might too):
    - Nice wine ( not everyone drinks alcohol, but if you know the person does or if it's a group pick your own situation wrap it obviously so the wine lovers will choose it)
    - Shortbread, chocolate, jam etc. (although heaps of people are doing sugar or gluten free these days)
    - Keep cup or similar travel coffee mug
    - Bees wax wraps i.e. those resuable alternatives to cling wrap (Aldi has some on special buys this Sat)
    - Nice stationary, e.g. good quality nice looking pen
    - Nice drink bottle, e.g. glass or stainless steel
    - Beach towel

    I'd be interested in what others would like to receive in Kris Kringle as I've got a few I need to buy for…

    • "It's Christmas, it's supposed to be about spreading joy! These things are rarely mandatory, so if you're not into it, don't participate."

      I only have my office Kris Kringle - we have a $10 limit, and most spend way less, since the objective is to buy some form of rubbish to embarrass/poke fun at the recipient. For example, one of the guys got a novelty inflatable walking stick after complaining about his gout all year. The spreading of joy for us it coming up with something funny, not how much we spend. I guess we do it differently to everyone else, judging from the comments on this post! ;)

      • For sure! Everyone should know their own workplace culture - sounds like yours is a novelty thing. Enjoy the fun 😃