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ORICOM UHF CB Handheld Radio Twin Pack 1W - PMR1290 - $49 (C&C or + $9.90 Delivered) @ Repco


80 Channel UHF CB Radio,
1 watt transmit power - * Up to 7km range,
FM Radio,
Backlit display,
Monitor feature,
Channel busy indicator,
Channel scan,
Automatic squelch control,
Duplex (Range Extender),
Keypad lock,
Call tone alert,
Mirco USB jack for charging &
3 Year Warranty.

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  • Normal price?

  • Been looking for something like this for when my girls are camping in the backyard. How easy are these to set up and is it possible to have just a one-to-one channel or can anyone just listen in?

    • anyone just listen in


    • You won't find handheld two-way radios that support encryption at BCF, Anaconda, Repco, SCA et al.

      Your best bet is a Baofeng for around $100 if you want that capability.

      • Thank you! Will look into it more. Appreciate the advice.

        • Up to two years imprisonment and/or $25k fine if youre caught with a non-compliant two-way radio, depends a bit on your appetite for risk and your re-programming skills

          • @MaxPlanck: then they should not sell on ebay but lots of them on ebay

            • @jjj123: They are not illegal to sell, but they are illegal to own. Which is not an uncommon oddity in various state/commonwealth legislation.

          • @MaxPlanck:

            Up to two years imprisonment and/or $25k fine if youre caught with a non-compliant two-way radio(acma.gov.au), depends a bit on your appetite for risk(whrl.pl) and your re-programming skills

            Okay fair point and always good to keep in mind when messing about with CB radios, but what I was mainly getting at is the fact that if you want actual privacy when communicating over two-way radios, then radios with encryption are a step above your run of the mil walkie-talkies you'll find at outdoor/camping/automotive chains, and you'll need to spend over $100 dollars at least for a decent model.

            Also, as Whirlpool shows, there are plenty of amateur radio hobbyists using Baofengs in Australia without issue (usually after reprogramming them to be compliant with Australian bands/frequencies) because A) the chances of actually being charged with any Radiocommunications offences are zero (provided you're not being deliberately stupid) and B) ACMA certified/type-approved CB radios cost ten times the price of Baofengs for merely having a rubber stamp approval but are otherwise identical internally.

            • @Gnostikos:

              B) ACMA certified/type-approved CB radios cost ten times the price of Baofengs for merely having a rubber stamp approval but are otherwise identical internally.

              So you're telling me the likes of Yaesu/Kenwood etc use the same internals as this Baofeng junk? U have a lot to learn my friend. Ever seen a Baofeng put on a Spectrum Analyser? There you will see the differences between a $50 H/H & a ~$300-$500 H/H..

              The problem with the Baofengs, for general users, is they can transmit 'out-of-band' & on Ham bands (which u require an Amateur licence to use), that's why they're illegal, not to mention the junk spectral purity they emit…

              • @Bunsen: I freely admit I'm not the radio enthusiast you might be, but for most amateur radio hobbyists a $100 Baofeng is going to do everything they need and more (and do pretty much every a $300-500 high-end, approved model would) and unless you're monumentally stupid, ACMA won't be any the wiser that you're using one.

                • @Gnostikos: 100% agree.

                  Problem is the Baofeng can get you in a lot of trouble (Federal laws - ACMA etc) if you don't know what you're doing in respect to frequency where you decide to transmit.. The actual deal posted here, would suffice for the 'Normal/average' user, whereas, the Baofeng is for the more advanced user that understands the frequency (Bands), as the Baofeng will go wherever you tell it to, programmed or not, they're simply 'memory channels' that you program in, nothing stopping you from using Amateur bands, commercial, air band etc… In the wrong hands, they're quite a dangerous unit..

                  BTW, I do own a Baofeng, along with many other radios & have used radio for over 30yrs…

                  Not having a go at you mate, just clarifying for others, with little to no experience with radio. It sounds to me like you have a fair idea where i'm coming from. Basically, a Baofeng isn't something i'd suggest to a n00b.

                  • @Bunsen: I considered buying one to use as an airband HH as they often come in very handy in recreational aviation. Certified airband HHs are around $400. I'm just not prepared to risk my radio telephone operators license for the sake of saving $300. Cant fly without a current RTO endorsement.

    • Considering these only work for around 1-2km, unless you're on a mountain top, they will be fine. I highly doubt there would be other UHF operators in your vicinity. No point wasting $100's when u can spend $50 & be done..

      FYI - Avoid using CH40 (Truckies channel - Language etc) & CH1-8 or CH31-38, these are reserved for repeater use..

      On 2nd thoughts, if you live near any CBD i'd avoid giving these to kids all-together. Reason - If they stumble across the repeater ch's (CH1-8), they will be scarred for life, they're full of undesirable's there…

    • I have a cheap oricom 0.5w set which is used for 4wd recovery and moving cars about. They work fine and accept AAA batteries. One of the belt clips is finicky but aside from that it's robust enough for the price. I didn't want a lithium battery as they aren't used a lot so it would've been a waste.

      I'm able to get ~1K on a good day with favourable conditions, any further and it's hard to make out what's said.

  • Waiting for the ham radio nerds to comment about needing a licence.

  • Cheap enough, and 1w so ample enough for really close up comms. Getting instructions from someone outside guiding you through obstacles etc.
    Not all that good for comms over anything further than a stone's throw.
    Still better than a 0.5w handheld, but ideally, a 2w or 5w would be best.

    • 5W is also 5x the price. I reckon this is a great deal at this price, like you say; perfect for up close recoveries and small convoys.

  • +1 vote

    Alternate to 5G?

  • How do these compare to the Uniden equivalent handheld UH610? https://www.repco.com.au/en/in-car-technology/uhf-cb-radio/h...

  • can i charge using car usb port?

  • any 2w deal with usb car charging?