(Help) Is This a Good Value PC Configuration? (Budget $2600)

I was hoping to buy some pc parts during the BF sales, but when I would add up al the parts it always ended being more expensive then buying pre-built PC. I was looking at Techfast deals which after upgrading the components didn't work out to be that cheap and I didn't get the Dell because the PSU wasn't great and didn't give headroom for future updates and the case was ugly + possible overheating issues.

I have come across this configuration and would like to know if it is of good value-

10700kf(water cooled)
2x16gb Hyperx rgb 3200mhz
2080 super
z490 with Wi-Fi 6
750w Platinum PSU
price $2300
1TB nvme M.2

To get a system like this with the 3070 it would cost me ~$2600+

What are your thoughts?


  • Why are you getting a 2080S when a 3070 costs the same and performs better?

    Do you really need a platinum 750W? You can save some $ here if the PSU is well tiered.

    • This is pre-built. As I mentioned I find buying PC parts separately for a build will cost me more($200-300). Getting a system with the 3070 having the same other specs will be at least $300 more than the system I have posted. So to explain my question a bit better, Is the 3070 $300 more of a gpu than the 2080s?

      • Yes, valuing the 3070 at $950~1050 and the 2080S around $700. Even then, it is no reason why you should pay $300 more for this pre-built…

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        The beauty of a self-built PC is that you can strip all unnecessary crap, or use better parts.

        So to answer the $300 more, what parts exactly are you comparing? Are you using the cheapest-everything, or picking good value parts? A pre-built might have the cheapest z490, cheapest 3200mhz RAM etc, while you're picking a decent z490 and a cl16 3200Mhz RAM. In which case I'd pay the $300 every time.

        • It is a HP z490 mother board and the ram is Kingston Hyperx 3200mhz cl16. I believe all parts are quite decent and it's not the cheapest as you suggested. That is actually the reason I stood away from techfast deals cause they would have the cheapest parts and once you upgrade them the price isn't that great. Would you say a PC with good performing parts and a 2080s is worth $2300?

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            @Winston100s: To simply answer your question: yes.

            But I probably would strip away some of the fat from that build and build it exactly to the spec I need, thus saving a fair bit.

  • 3060ti is coming out soon as well.

  • The build is solid and it doesn't surprise me that you would pay more getting the parts yourself. At the same time, its loaded with equipment that you don't necessarily require and is bringing up the cost. I definitely wouldn't be including many of these parts in a new build, particularly if you are money conscious - you are putting money into unnecessary/luxury upgrades. For example:

    • CPU brand / water cooler (a ryzen/fan would make the build much cheaper)
    • 2 x 16 gb ram (2 x 8gb more than suffices)
    • 1TB nvme M.2 (unnecessary - good-quality SSDs are dirt cheap with often very little diff in performance - a 250gb and a 500gb will save you money.
    • 750w plat (this is OK now that I think about it, but is probably overkill and again likely pricey).

    If you can, ask them about the above and see if swapping parts makes it more affordable.

    You always want to focus on the GPU (which you are skimping out on here), CPU, PSU and monitor. You are bulking up other areas and bringing up the cost. This is where those that can do their own builds and get good quality deals overtime come out on top.

    That said, you can't go wrong with the above - you are just paying overs for it. Also, I couldn't stress enough that paying 300 dollars for the GPU upgrade is well worth it. The inclusion of the 2000 series is them trying to get unwanted stock out the door.

    • good-quality SSDs are dirt cheap with often very little diff in performance

      My mp600 is about 10x faster than Samsung 2.5" SSD.

      • It also retails at $180 (assuming you have a 500gb) compared to a $70 Samsung SSD - the latter will absolutely suffice for 98% of people.

        I am not saying an M.2 isn't worth it. But if money is a factor, then I would absolutely urge someone to put the money towards their GPU, CPU, PSU monitor etc. instead of spending 100+ on an SSD.

        The above is a good example of that. I would rather put the 100+ towards securing the GPU upgrade than having the M.2.

    • Thank you for your reply, you have a good point there. Although i was told the configurations can't be modified I will ask if the cpu/cooler can be switched to ryzen(then they would need to swap around the mobo too). I don't mind getting less RAM but wouldn't compromise on the m.2 ssd as besides gaming i do photo editing. I also think i should keep the psu as I am electricity bill conscious and from what I read the higher the class of the psu, the more energy efficient it will be, so it is a long term saving.

      • No problems mate. If you need an alternative, I think this build represents better quality than the one above: https://techfast.com.au/collections/all-our-pcs/products/amd...

        "This affordable high end gaming PC comes with the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor, Galax SG, Gigabyte Eagle or MSI Ventus NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB graphics card, Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite motherboard, 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, a 240GB 2.5" SSD and a Gigabyte 650W 80+ Bronze power supply."

        You could add another SSD down the track (will cost you 50-80 dollars) and you end up with a more future proof system.

        Whatever you decide, all the best!

        • I'll need to sleep on it hah. The only upgrade I'd do would be on that PSU, other than that it is a solid build. Thanks!

          • @Winston100s: Bear in mind you'd probably spend more on that PSU upgrade than the extra electricity you'd spend even if your computer were on 24/7…

            I'd suggest doing the math and see how long it'd take to recoup the cost from your electricity consumption.

  • a ryzen 5600x is faster in gaming than a 3800x by a little. But its a bit slower in movie making or compression and things that tend to take hours in the long run as it has less cores.
    the ryzen 5600x costs about $468 AUD i bought one the other day from my local computer store ordered online $10 postage. may need to install a 3000 series CPU into mainboard and update bios to support 5000 series CPU tho PC store maybe charge $35 to do this. Which i had to do as none of my friends had 3000 series and i had a 2700x which didnt qualify to update the bios (the mainboard bios and CPU's have different core designs for different 2000 series older core CPU cant fit 2 or 3 or 4 cpu family bios/timings system info into single bios chip so theres sort of generational bios different forks?). a 5600x can game as fast as a 3950x and certainly way faster than even the most expensive intel CPU with some quality RAM with low latency timings. AMD Graphics cards are better than nvidia, graphically they're more photorealistic and have better lighting/shadows. Nvidia's ray tracing is occlusion based and has too dark shadows for things like HBAO+.. vs AMD's vastly superior tech like HDAO which is much faster and more life like and like maybe only one person on earth knows exists and he made the cryengine and crysis and won a bazillion awards for using a single piece of AMD technology when their cards hardware and drivers support VASTLY more features that are so advanced and better they're 50 years ahead. Stuff like pro render and other things. Games ray trace faster on a 6800xt than they do on a 3090 as long as its not proprietary nvidia rtx games like the first ever rtx game shadow of the tomb raider which is entirely optimized for nvidia. newer games that use dx12 ultimate or vulkan ray tracing should perform similary on both cards but if they used AMD's proprietary ray trace tech it'd look better and run faster. Modern newer better games like assassins creed valhalla and dirt 5 run faster on AMD with ray tracing on 6800xt vs 3090. I'd recommend either grabbing a cheap 5600xt or a 5700 or 5700xt if you're gaming at 1080p or at 1440p. If you learn how to use one it gets you similar fps to nvidia but with better quality. then wait about a year for the price of the 6800xt to come down when new ones are out or get the 2nd generation of ray tracing cards from AMD as what happened with nvidia the first gen isnt really high enough fps to get high refresh rate gaming 120hz plus at 1440p or above.
    Rather than a monitor buy a QLED TV. they're much bigger, have dolbyvision/HDR10+ and HDMI 2.1 support and low latency VRR gaming. no need to pay premium for shitty gsync displays. A typical high end TV for about $800AUD to $1500 like your hisense/tcl/samsung/vizio/falcon whatevers will have something like 88% of rec2020 colourspace reproduction super wide colour gamut and will do like 2000 nits of HDR and super amazing contrast and support image processing and enhancement features way beyond any monitor ive ever seen and may be 8k or 4k. If you buy a 4k monitor for $800 you get no dolby vision no dolby atmos support its maybe 30 something inches instead of 55 or 65 and it will have 400nits to 1000 nits of HDR 1000 nits of HDR monitors tend to cost more than TV's though! and they're tiny garbage with something like 50% of rec2020 colour. Also lots of overpriced monitors are really just cheap VA panels.

    You can see the 5600x performance in gamers nexus youtube video benchmarks of "best and worst 2020 CPU's" video and their "heavily tuned 5600x" or aussie blokes hardware unboxed benchmarks and reviews of the 5600x and their hardware unboxed "memory timings SR vs DR 4 banks" and whatever it will also recommend you some quality RAM to buy for a budget price like uhh maybe flarex or i forgot what they recommend. But they will list all their mainboard RAM timings and overclock details, which i tested on my system but found it slower than my way of setting RAM to 1866mhz with XMP profile voltages applied and aggressively lowering latency. though I didnt overclock my 5600x CPU at all i just used PBO.. no voltage changes other than setting RAM to XMP voltage. I tested in game FPS and using 3dmark timespy demo. but i've got samsung Bdie memory? but it could be their $600 asus mainboards perform better with high end ram overclocks than my $200 asrock x570 steel legend? ehh either way if you do want to OC your CPU i'd recommend if you can get one cheap enough like $50 or $60AUD a black rock V4 fan cooler. 5600x uses like 65watts.. 5800x or 5900x uses 128watts. intel anything uses over 200+ watts?? cheap fan coolers are all you need for recent AMD basically. you can get few degrees cooler with water cooling but the massive costs maintenance and time involved for like not even double digit temp difference maybe like what 5 degrees? waste of cash and time. Or more budget options exist like coolermaster hyper 212x black RGB (i think its 40-50 bucks its like a year or so older?) I'm currently testing and running my system with stock 5600x cooler but ordered a hyper 212x RGB for peanuts in a sale coz stock cooler got no RGB and isnt nearly as cool or as quiet im guessing. Its interesting to note the 5600x has like 3MB cache 4.6ghz and the 5900x has maybe 12MB or was it 20? and also similar ghz clock speed same core design uses way more power from 65watts to 128 watts. and has like what is it 16 cores? but they all game at similar/same speed to a 6 core CPU.. because game devs not using more than 1 core its all winxp/dos/windows98 16bit garbage being emulated on windows 10. The win10 OS is like 10 years old and its native dx12 foundation from ground up is fundamentally hardware different entirely different from storage access methods to memory usage to multiple GPU support from different hardware addressing. It allows for parallelism with out of order execution and things.. it should be multicore as heck and more cores = more faster/more betterrerererr.. but its garbage coz game devs are retard cavemen gaming on windows 95 using 50's code like "deep learning" or 70's code like "neural networks" or 90's programming environments which are LLVM interpreted over the top of the C language.. the C language itself is old and obsolete microsoft not touched it since like windows 95? they had C# and F# and stuff now?? google uses dhart! mozilla uses rust.. AFAIK ryzen CPU's be gaming on a single core! and same for their GPU so owning a AMD CPU and most definitely an AMD GPU should age like fine wine.. in 50 years when developers learn to type in the right words in their computers and to run windows 10 not windows 95 we'll be crying tears of gaming bliss.

    so uhh yeah just go all AMD and buy all the games that have vulkan support and run them in vulkan? when getting a PSU some of them have lifetime warranty. You can get bronze rating or one or two higher most expensive power rating costs heaps but isnt important for most use cases unless extreme liquid nitrogen overclocking or watercooling with non water solutions? get like a 750watt one thats modular is maybe fine last u several years you'd hope? no promises tho.

    *** EDIT! forgot the hard drives.
    forgot to mention! if you buy a samsung SSD drive in some aussie retailers you get assassins creed valhalla free. its a promotion on samsung website.
    Also remember every1 that its like straight line muscle cars vs rally cars.. windows OS and games are rallying with SSD's so you want a low latency sata 3 SSD for lots of smaller files like boot windows or load games. NVME was meant to be more like RAM than a hard drive but somehow its all optimized for highest transfer speeds but like a massive muscle car it goes really fast in a straight line under fixed track conditions. For certain workloads NVME is KING! for very large single files. media/movie storage/video editing go for it. But yeah originally first NVME boards for years could not boot OS from NVME drive intentionally. So you would put the OS on the sata drive. But everyone sees higher spec on nvme drive insist place OS onto there. Now can do it and raid NVME and stuff.. but RAID not make faster really and OS boots faster off my samsung 500gb 850 evo or my 1TB 850 evo than my RAID adata sx8200 2x1TB drives I've tested and tweaking memory timings for lower latency makes the samsung drives far and away faster.. But i've not got the cash for the quicker samsung 980 pro or 970 evo NVME drives to test/compare them it might just be all samsung drives are amazeballs fast.
    But well i got some cash for my bday and just ordered a 1TB 860 evo sata 3 SSD for my OS.. my older drives are 850's seeing theres newer 860 maybe boot even faster and get assassins creed valhalla w00t. was on sale on the samsung drives recently. Note the promotion only applies certain sizes/models of samsung drives check samsung website for details and participating retailers. Some of the drives were on sale on ebay plus recently too $148 i believe for the 860 evo sata III 1TB + valhalla. You can tell how much quicker it will boot into windows by timing it, and viewing those spinning white dots in a circle as the OS loads instead of 3 rotations it sometime boots in 1 and a quarter or 1 and a half or for a while it was booting at 3/4 of a circle so rocket fast but slowed right down again.. i not know what i do wrong? im no overclocker so i just test stuff out and see what works.