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Neewer NW-800 Condenser Microphone w/NW-35 Arm & Accessories $20.79 Delivered @ Peak Catch Amazon AU


Lightning deal so get in quick. Lots of positive reviews.

Been watching this microphone for a while now and I couldn't resist at this price. Lowest ever was $24.47 in December 2019, so seems like an all time low according to 3xC.

It seems as if its a rebranded BM-800. No phantom power supply but can't go wrong at this price. According to the reviews, no sound card is needed for everyday use and works directly plugged into the motherboard. Neewer phantom power supplies are sold by the same seller for $27.99 here

The microphone mount seems to go for $25-30 on its own.

Package Contents:
1 x Condenser Microphone
1 x Adjustable Suspension Scissor Arm Stand
1 x Table Mounting Clamp
1 x Metal Shock Mount
1 x Pop Filter
1 x Ball-type Anti-wind Foam Cap
1x 3.5mm Male to XLR Female Cable

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  • Is the stand adjustable ie to hold a different microphone?

    • The shock which comes with the kit seems to be this one here

      NOTE: The shock mount only fits microphone diameter ranging from 43mm ~46mm. PLEASE VERIFY your microphone size BEFORE ORDERING!

      Standard 5/8"-27 thread with a 3/8"-5/8"screw adapter, features an angle adjustment with locking knob, so you can mount it on all the standard microphone stands.

      I used to have a Samson condenser microphone and the thread for that spider mount seemed to have a somewhat generic or standardised thread.

  • Great deal!

    Just to note - while I use my NW-800 very rarely I have still noticed problems with audio quality and volume if I don't connect the phantom power supply.

    • That would be because as the ad says, it's designed to have phantom power. I'm amazed it worked at all without it. Bit like saying, I get performance issues from my car when I don't put petrol in it. My audio mixer has phantom, so never tried it without.

      • I understand – my 1:00 am self could probably have done a better job bringing my point across.

        I just wished to bring great attention to the importance of picking up a separate phantom power supply. The Amazon listing provides 'If your device could not provide enough power … the sound volume recorded might be low.' For those who have not used a condenser microphone before I can see how this line might lead a prospective buyer to believe that it could still be functional. This was not my experience with the device, hence my comment.

        Additionally, the ad itself does note explain the role of phantom power beyond providing that '[n]o phantom power supply but can't go wrong at this price … Neewer phantom power supplies are sold by the same seller for $27.99.' So again, I wanted to emphasise the importance of picking one up.

  • I don't use the included mic, bargain without it.

  • missed it