Should I Get The Akko 3068 to Replace My Current Keyboard?

Hi all,

A random YouTube video piqued my interest in the Akko 3068 and it seems like a really good option for a budget mechanical keyboard. Drew my attention since it apparently has it's switches pre-lubed and I'm all for that out of box experience.

Currently own this Tecware Phantom TKL Keyboard ( I got on sale a while back, with some custom keycaps (

Thoughts on whether it's worth to buy it and switch to it?


  • I would keep the Tecware Phantom - Those things are unicorns in Australia. I've been waiting to get one for ages but never in stock :-(

    • Oh didn't realise that these keyboards were that rare, maybe I'll hold onto it after all

  • It's a 65% keyboard, very nice to have the extra arrow + nav keys. I think it's just the stabs which are pre-lubed tho. Banggood seems to have a decent price on them at the moment, not sure if you'd get warranty though. These are also available from their own website ( but no promos on their website right now.

    What are your requirements? The Akko 3068 comes in a wired and wireless version.