Should I Get The Akko 3068 to Replace My Current Keyboard?

Hi all,

A random YouTube video piqued my interest in the Akko 3068 and it seems like a really good option for a budget mechanical keyboard. Drew my attention since it apparently has it's switches pre-lubed and I'm all for that out of box experience.

Currently own this Tecware Phantom TKL Keyboard ( I got on sale a while back, with some custom keycaps (

Thoughts on whether it's worth to buy it and switch to it?



    I would keep the Tecware Phantom - Those things are unicorns in Australia. I've been waiting to get one for ages but never in stock :-(


      Oh didn't realise that these keyboards were that rare, maybe I'll hold onto it after all


    It's a 65% keyboard, very nice to have the extra arrow + nav keys. I think it's just the stabs which are pre-lubed tho. Banggood seems to have a decent price on them at the moment, not sure if you'd get warranty though. These are also available from their own website ( but no promos on their website right now.

    What are your requirements? The Akko 3068 comes in a wired and wireless version.


      Isn't there only one version? I have one and it works wired or wirelessly. You can choose the mode by holding function + tab and a led comes on to tell you it's in wired mode.


      Requirements wise, wireless is cool but probably will use it wired for the most part. First and foremost for me would be the typing experience, which I thought if the stabs are prelubed could be better than what I currently have? Also saw that you can get custom cables most mechanical keyboards nowadays which I can't do with my Tecware keyboard.


      Wired Only :
      Wired + Wireless :

      About $20 difference between the two on their official website. They come in different colourways too.

      Worth checking out if you want to see other possible options:

      Oh yes for sure, the improve stabs can improve your typing experience.