Purchasing Cyberpunk 2077 from Amazon - receive by release day?

Hi guys,

I've had a preorder placed for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC forb$63 for almost a year now and I just received an email from Amazon reminding me that they can't guarantee release date delivery.

I really liked the look of the physical goodies but I don't wanna risk not having it for that first weekend. How's everyone else purchased/going is to purchase the game?




    Purchased through GOG using a Russian VPN. Hoping it works haha

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      I got it from gog too. I really liked the physical goodies but couldnt justify paying $20 more for it plus waiting for it in the mail


    Amazon has been sending that email out for games preorders for a while now.

    I haven't had any preordered games that I absolutely must have on release day, but generally, yes I've been receiving them from Amazon the day after release.

    I have this preordered with them as well and as with previous games, I'm not expecting to receive it on release day. You may want to look elsewhere if you absolutely must have it on release day. Maybe have a go at them for not telling you this sooner.


    I got AC Valhalla delivered from Amazon one day before release day, in SA.

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    I hope mine arrives on time, I took the day off so I could play it…


    I got the email as well and I'm pretty sure I purchased a year if not more ago, so its a little sad. I agree with others though that its probably a "just incase" email so they don't get in trouble for people whose waited soooo long. In saying that I have prime and I think 75 percent of the time a game thats meant to come Friday release has arrived on Monday (and sometimes Tuesday), for middle of Sydney city which can be saddening knowing you have this game you just can't wait to play but instead you can't for the weekend.

    But I also pre-ordered with JB-HIFI as well to hedge my bets (the slower one will be a present for my bro), plus this comes out on Thursday? so at least you're not waiting a weekend (I hope).


    I traded in 2 games with EB + paid $29 = $49. I cancelled the order and they gave me $94. Then I pre-ordered from HN to pick up on the first day for $58. So I only pay $13 for the game. If I can't get a copy on the first day I'm happy to pay full price and cancel the pre-order.


      Whoa why'd they full refund you when you cancelled?


        Because it's a preorder, they have to refund you all the money. They don't sell you anything, do they?

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          I thought they'd just return you the $29 and your games back?


      Do you remember what games can be traded? A resale value on some of them might be too low

      Thinking of trading any of:
      Nino Kuni 2
      Wolfenstein 2
      Borderlands 3
      Death Stranding
      Final Fantsy 15 Royal Edition
      Assassins Creed Origins
      Shadow of the Colossus
      Draonquest 11
      South Park Fractured


        I was able to trade in Journey and Control on PS4.

        They didn't accept Infamous Second Son, Middle Earth: Shadow of War or Detroit Become Human. The games have to be worth $10+ trade in value. I think you'd have a hard time with South Park and maybe Nino Kuni 2 (if its value has dropped following the $9 JB sale).




      Went and did the EB trade in pre-order!


    Question for anyone who has pre ordered on steam - is there a patch? My preload was around 50 gigs from memory but I've heard there will be a patch as well. When does this come out?

    From a Noob gamer..

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      Yeah there will be a day 1 patch - 43GB I've read!


    Just received an email update, estimated delivery is 11th to 14th of December.. I'm in Melb. Bit disappointing given I pre-ordered back when they had the $5 promo Oct last year.

    But I'm probably going to be patient and play in a few months when it's been patched up.


      Hey Brut3, I also ordered back when they had the $5 promo which I've just confirmed was $63 in total? My Amazon account order details show as $68…do you think they'll still apply the discount when and if it eventually ships? FYI, i have an identical email to yours, very disappointing.

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        Yep, once it ships they apply the $5 promo and charge you $63.


          Scratch that.. Just got another email saying delivery date cannot be confirmed.

          Contacted customer support, they ran out of stock before my order was shipped. They couldn't answer how that could happen when I pre-ordered over a year ago, but offered $10 credit.

          Pretty pissed off with Amazon right now…

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            @Brut3: Same here, makes me wonder if they gave people with the $5 discount lower priority. Doubt I'll be preordering games from Amazon in future


    I ordered last month and have not yet received an email despite the status of my order saying "Shipping Now" with no other details.

    Interesting that the link to the item now says "Free delivery: Tomorrow (order within 25 mins)" and it's 2:35pm now as of posting so here's hoping it is accurate!


    Mine has been marked as shipping but I emailed Amazon and got this -


    Greetings for the day!

    I'm sorry about the problem you had with your order. This is certainly not what we expect our customers to face. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    Upon checking, I see the order is in advance shipping stage and is ready to ship. Once the item is shipped you will receive an email confirming the tracking ID.

    Due to the current pandemic situation, the orders are taking longer than usual as they have to undergo sanitization process.

    ​During these challenging times, we've seen an increase in people shopping online. This increased demand has resulted in some of our shipping and delivery times being longer than usual.

    Please do not worry, I have forwarded this to the concerned team and requested them to speed up the process for you.

    Meanwhile, if in case there are any other issues which you're facing, do contact us back through your preferred means of communication and we will be happy to help you out.


    We'd appreciate your patience. We look forward seeing you soon.​​​