Private ID Caller Confirming My Number

Today got a call from a hidden caller id and he asked me if I have called his number. I have not called anyone and he wanted to confirm my number which he repeated. I didn't entertain as I wasn't comfortable. But he kept calling. Finally, I told him I haven't called anyone and not to call me again. But he was very clear with my number. He said, he got two missed calls from my number in the last 5 minutes. I thought I might have accidentally pressed but there are not outgoing calls from my number at all.

If this is a scam call, do I need to inform someone ? or if there is an identity theft here? Or is there a possibility that some issue with the mobile network?


  • He’s probably ported out your no and used it to clean out your bank account, you loaded?

    Calm down forget about it lol.

  • In the olden days, the phone would ring and we would answer it with no idea who it was. Like a mad man!

    Imagine what could have happened.

  • Caller ID spoofing

    What to do if your number is spoofed
    If you get calls from people saying your number is showing up on their caller ID, it's likely that your number has been maliciously spoofed.

    If you believe your number has been spoofed by a scammer, you should contact your telco immediately.

    Do not answer calls from unknown numbers and you can also place a message on your voicemail to alert callers that your number has been maliciously spoofed.

    Other things you can do:

    1. Let the recipient of that spoofed call know that it's safe to block your number on their (smart)phone. Most phones will have a feature to add a number to a block list.
    2. Block their number (if possible) in return so you don't have to worry about them being over-inquisitive.
  • I've heard from a few friends that had a spree of spoofing from the Shopback data breach.

    Having worked in telco ops, what usually happens is that they have a list of the numbers and start to churn through them.
    My suggestion is to take your number off any online profiles such as LinkedIn and take your phone number off social media as a recovery option for now.

    1) LinkedIn being that people can find you and if you might find that people will threaten you because they think you're calling them.
    2) Facebook etc they can often search via forget password and find details such as your name and friends list and so forth.

    If it persists, you should notify your bank and telco that any changes you make will be done in person and not over the phone.

  • What type of accent? I can tell straight away what happening

  • I've had a couple of similar incidents this year where I missed a call from a random mobile number, and when I call back they tell me they have never called me and I must have the wrong number.

  • Do you have dual sim by any chance? I call people from the wrong number all the time, you get kinda lazy.

  • From the moment I hear their accent, I look at the clock and if I have time I usually play along
    Particularly driving on the way home from work

    I usually say yeh yeh that sounds like an amazing deal! my electricity is soooo expensive! I'm sooo glad you rang me at the right time!!
    And then I slowly drift off to play dumb

    About 5 minutes in they ask, whats your credit card? I answer, oh whats that?
    Ohh is it a bank card?
    I pay in Bitcoin only
    Do you take Bitcoin?
    I then explain to them how Bitcoin works in the next few minutes, with zero factual information

    I start to drift off again to perhaps change the subject but by this point I sense the guy feels this conversation is not going in the direction he wanted, I can tell the difference in his native tone, and by this point I know he is clearly frustrated that he has caught my bait.

    Most times I usually end these calls very aggressively with profanities and make it clear they do not contact me or anyone else about their rubbish products. Sometimes I get a guy on the other end equally as furious as me and we start exchanging heavy words, but most times they hang up on me, which is exactly how I intended the conversation to end, a very pissed off call centre person on the other end. I get great joy out of it.

    • End call with a few weird chants and tell them you have placed a XXX curse on them and their decendents for being a scammer.

      XXX being for example

      Their private parts will wither..
      They will be unlucky in love…
      Their Motor cycles will break down
      etc etc

  • Did you give out your name…? The other one is a text from a random number saying "who is this, you called me etc…" I think they might be fishing for name plus other details.

  • I had that a few weeks ago. Got a text asking me who I was as apparently I had called this person but I hadn't . We decided it was either a Telstra network issue or someone spoofing my number. It hasn't happened since.