My plan changed from Anytime Plus to Anytime Ultra

I have been on the 240 GB for 365 day plan for the past year. Tomorrow is the end of those 365 days. (I received an SMS from Boost a few days ago confirming this.) I've been thinking about going for the 80 GB for 365 day recharge since I found 240 GB was way too much for me. I decided to prepare right now by looking at the recharge options one last time. I see the 85 GB for $200 recharge… A few weeks ago, I dialled #111# to verify that I was on the Anytime Plus plan. I did just now and my plan now says Anytime Ultra.

Did I do something wrong? Has anyone else's plan changed from Plus to Ultra unexpectedly?

I'm trying to get this sorted on the live chat on their website but I have read stories in the last few months that once you are on Ultra, they will tell you that going back to Plus is impossible… sigh

EDIT: Figured out what happened. See my reply down below to the first comment.

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  • I've been thinking about going for the 80 GB for 365 day recharge

    That $150 plan is dead, unless you are already on it :)

    • I don't think that's true. It should be available as long as you're on Anytime Plus and not Anytime Ultra. I know they've been trying to move customers onto Ultra but I had the $150 recharge option just a few weeks ago.

      Anyway, the representative helped me figure out where I went wrong. Just a little over a week ago, I asked a Boost rep to help me with any VoLTE configs they had to do on their side. While they did that, they changed me over to Anytime Ultra without telling me. My current rep has told me that he cannot change it back so I guess I'm done with Boost. I'm looking at the Coles $60 for $99 deal right now. I've been drastically lowering my phone usage lately anyway. :)

  • Merged from Boost Mobile Migrating Anytime Plus Customers

    After reading Eon-Rider’s forum post yesterday about contacting Boost and finding that they had changed his plan I decided to check “my offer” in the app as I had reason to contact them previously.I had already been changed to Ultra too. My plan does not expire until next May and I received no notification. I have just contacted Boost via their chat function to complain and ask to go back. I now have a copy of this chat which explicitly says that everyone will be migrated in the next six months who is on the Anytime Plus plan. Coles , here I come more than likely.

    • I just recharged on the $150 Anytime Plus 365-day plan a few days back. What's the difference between Plus and Ultra?

  • I was about to create a new post about Telstra and then found this similar post.

    I have been on the Telstra $49 plan for quite some time, and have noticed that it secretly changed to a $55 plan a couple of weeks ago, around the same time as the Boost changes above.

    Checked with my partner's Telstra account too, and she has also been silently put on the more expensive Telstra plan. Neither of us were informed that Telstra was suddenly going to charge us more.

    So looks like both Boost and Telstra plans are being upgraded without notice or consent, at around the same time?

    Ironically i only noticed the more expensive plan because I logged into my Telstra account in prep to port away. If i wasn't already going to port away i would be now! The Coles deals are great.

    • Actually I went further back in my email and found a single notice in September about a forced plan change to $55.

      Also in September they sent me an offer to choose to upgrade to the $55 plan and get $5 off for 6 mths. A week after this offer expired, i received the above email - i guess they weren't taking no for an answer.

  • This is bizarre. When Boost did away with the popular $150 for 80GB plan "for new customers", they informed that existing users will still be able to recharge with $150 and get 80GB data if they do this by the last day of their Anytime Plus Plan.

    This meant that we have the option to perpetually stay on Anytime Plus, and keep recharging with the "discontinued plans" until such time Boost officially communicates that they are being discontinued for existing customers too. I dont see any official communication yet.

    Just checked and I am still on Boost Anytime Plus.