What’s Everyone’s Screen Time on Their Mobile?

After recent introduction of screen time measure on the mobile phones, I have been monitoring my screen time and it’s shocking to me as I’m spending 4-5 hrs/ day on average as screen browsing in my mobile phone. This is equivalent to a day in a week. I have taken effort to reduce it, however, bringing below 3 hrs is quite hard.
Obviously, if you use your mobile phone for video calls or meetings, it is counted as well. But, I’m not using it.

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  • 15
    0-1 hrs/day
  • 15
    1-3 hrs/day
  • 28
    3-5 hrs/day
  • 24
    5-8 hrs/day
  • 9
    More than 8 hrs/day
  • 4
    No screen time app available