Amazon Scam call (for those not already aware)

I got a call from a (unknown to me, but I was expecting some calls, otherwise I would usually ignore) mobile number yesterday. Waited a couple of seconds and a pre-recorded female (sounds like text to speech) voice saying your amazon prime is due for renewal… at that point I hung up - LOL.

Anyways, I googled, amazon scam calls and found this is a known scam.

Some links for those wanting to read more…

Seeing we may have a large population of OzB Prime users. I thought I share this info, but I think most of you are savvy enough ๐Ÿคž to not be fooled. Ignore if you already know this :)

If you like, let us know in the comments, if you had received such a call recently.

PS: I couldn't see a past thread on this, but I could be wrong ;) (sorry if someone already mention this before!)

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  • Is your Prime due to renew soon?

  • I got that one few weeks ago. I get the NBN one the most, Followed by a few IRS ones, pre-recorded Chinese lady and a few of those ring then hang up missed calls.

  • I got one last week. I only signed up for a Amazon Prime yearly membership a week prior to the phone call …

  • i have had the amazon scam call a few weeks ago. im on a monthly pay cycle that automatically deductes funds every month.

    i have had a call to my work mobile that im in breach of payment (not sure what) but if i dont pay straight away the police will be nootified and a warrent for my arrest made, i decided to see where this goes and typical indian man asked hoow i can help you and i asked what they new about the services and he hung up. ahh well im a bad boy now……

    apple email scams to my work email….. i use android, so my apple account will be banned.

    ATO scam and lastly an outstanding telstra bill in the thousands…… never have been a telstra customer, only optus.

    • The apple emails have dried up over the last few months for me.

      The last ATO scam I asked if they could send the police around as I need to see them, but as usual no one came knocking on the door and no mygov emails….

  • I started getting these calls after checking in at stores/restaurants.

  • Nicole from NBN has changed jobs.