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GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Phillips/Slotted/Torx Dual Material Screwdriver Set - 80066 - $77.85 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was actually setting up camel alerts and next thing bang 1 comes in, lowest price ever according to the camel and $175 currently selling for at TotalTools.

This is a limited time deal some other good gearwrench going aswell, highlight being this and 84 piece socket set $136 down from $195 which goes for $305 at total tools.

Awesome brand, awesome quality.


GEARWRENCH screwdrivers are ergonomically designed to fit your hand while on the job. The tri lobe handle shape provides the best performance with the least amount of effort. The dual material of the handle is oil and solvent resistant. The tips have a black Oxide, non slip coating. The part numbers and sizes are laser etched on the blade.

Included Components(6) Slotted Screwdrivers: 3/16" x 6", 1/4" x 1-1/2", 1/4" x 4", 1/4" x 6", 5/16" x 6", 3/8" x 8", (3) Phillips Mini Screwdrivers: #00 x 60mm, #0 x 60mm, #1 x 60mm, (6) Phillips Screwdrivers: #0 x 2-1/2", #1 x 3", #1 x 6", #2 x 1-1/2", #2 x 4", #3 x 6", (2) Torx Screwdrivers: T15 x 4" and T20 x 4", (3) Slotted Mini Screwdrivers: 1.5mm x 60mm, 2.0mm x 60mm, 2.5mm x 60mm

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  • Do they also have left handed ones ?

  • Gear Wrench or Wera?

    After getting my first Wera set recently, you can feel the quality.

    • I'm in the Wera camp.

      It's about the same price for an equivalent set.

      The laser tips are awesome on the kraftform plus vde ones.

      Way I see it, if this is just a second set, then go down to your local aldi and pick up those, for my main set, its wera all the way.

      saying that, I havent owned a gearwrench set so these could be better. I just stick with what works.

  • I'd be all about that socket set if there weren't so many complaints about the case being effectively a bag

  • Bought the torx socket set. Thank you

  • Was literally looking for new screwdrivers and this cme up, almost got the wera set but couldn't find more Amazon Global purchases I needed and I get double the amount and more useful drivers (Y)

  • Didn't need any so got some - Bloody Ozbargain!

  • Socket set back up to $186