Big W - Which 55” TV Would You Get


  • I've at least heard of JVC…remember Funniest Home Videos with Jo Beth Taylor!?

    • I sent a family video in once that I thought was funny. Had the VCR tape returned about a month later saying thanks but no thanks and a letter saying that comedy is subjective. The good old days.

  • I don't know either TV personally (though I did buy a 55" JVC with inbuilt soundbar at Big W, which I'm happy with), so I can only share some random thoughts about the two listings:

    1. I'm a 90s kid, so JVC has nostalgic appeal even though it's not the same company anymore. It's definitely a conversation starter for certain age groups. Is "EKO" short for Economical? Ew
    2. I really like the additional Prime and Google Play buttons on the EKO remote, that's rare to see but very convenient.
    3. JVC is QLED, which is apparently brighter, but standard LEDs are bright enough for me, so I can't say if that's a good thing.
    4. The EKO is 2.5kg lighter

    It's not an easy decision. If I didn't have the JVC name in my life, I'd probably go to Big W and ask to test out the remote controls. Remote controls is where these lower budget TVs make or break.

  • I think I bought that Eko last week for $379.

    I am coming from a 32 inch 720 pixel tv - potentially 10? years old.

    Initial thoughts - has a dead pixel on warmup that seems to disappear after a while. Remote is cheap and feels it. There is a slight bleed? of blacks from the frame on the side. All of these aren't huge deals for me, paying <$400 I didn't expect it to be phenomenal.

    The picture is quite good, and the sound is loud. I plugged some speakers into the AUX out and they just give it a bit of extra bass. Overall, and only 1 week into ownership, I'm quite happy with it.

    If you're a TV connoisseur (good luck on your budget!) then it won't impress you, but for the odd show every now and then it does me fine. Can't comment on longevity obviously.

  • Great price on that JVC, go for it.

    You get QLED which is a superior screen technology and what looks like a better quality remote.

    The comparable EKO model at BigW is which I purchased a month or two ago for more than $600. Forget the $1099 RRP on it at the moment, nobody will pay that.

    All the TV's are Android which performs well and should stay functional longer than other Smart TV OS's. The Eko QLED I have was disconnecting from Wifi frequently, but seems better now, perhaps it was patched? The sound on this model was awful, but the picture is great, especially in a bright room. XBox gameplay looks great. In a dark room a black screen has pretty patchy backlight bleed though, but it's hard to criticize that at this price.

    Co-incidentally the EKO was bought to replace a Dick Smith JVC 50" LCD that just refused to die. So the budget JVC brand does have some staying power in my experience.

  • Don't let people who are stuck on brand names sway you EKO is decent. I have the 55" QLED Android TV and a 2.0 sound bar in the bedroom for music. Both happy purchases.