Xiaomi 34” curved monitor with MacBook Pro

Hi Guys
just wondering if anyone has tried to match their new Xiaomi 34" curved mon with a 2019 Mac Book Pro?
I have a wire that converts from DP to usb-c, but when i plug it in, all the colours look extremely washed.

Plugging the monitor in to my normal desktop PC doesn't seem to result in the same washed out colours. I tried to play with the settings and could not get it to work either.

I have tried to google info about the monitor, and know that it doesn't support USB C natively, but i thought a DP to USB C wire wouldn't have that issue?

Is this something wrong with my monitor or is just built as is?



  • While still plugged to xiaomi, restart the macbook.
    If not try this one, sounded similar: https://spin.atomicobject.com/2018/08/24/macbook-pro-externa...

  • thanks for this. insane i have to edit some configuration file in Mac OS just to get the monitor to work!

  • the restart did not fix my problems :(

  • I am having the same issue but im using my old hdmi to usb c adaptor. Waiting for my lenova thinkpad gen 2 dock to see if it make a difference.

    • I believe you'll want to use DisplayPort for this montior, HDMI doesn't have enough bandwidth…

      • Thanks, that is the plan.

        However to do a one cable solution this is how i plan to connect my cables:

        MBP<-TB3 to TB3 -> Dock<-DP to DP -> Monitor

        Do you think i'll be able to achieve 3440 x 1440 @ 144hz?

        • I'm no expert because I've only just recently brushed up on this stuff as I bought the monitor and hope to connect to my laptop too.

          Thunderbolt 3 is 40gb/s so that should be fine for the 3440 x 1440 @ 144hz

          The DP cable it ships with (plugged into the dock/adapter) will suffice of course

          So assumming there is no issues with the MacBook Pro being able to facilitate it, the determining factor will come down to the dock and if it is capable of doing the DisplayPort 1.4 connection required.

          "Dock has the ability to support DisplayPort™ 1.4 and HDMI™ 2.0 for max 2 x 4K @ 60 Hz displays, but the real video output would depend on the system’s output." From Lenovo's website

          Sounds like you should be fine :) - I'd be interested to here how you go when it all arrives!

          It'd be worth checking that it's hitting 144fps with https://www.testufo.com/ once set up

          • @JimmyLmao: Thanks for the help mate.

            Chose this dock because my company had a discount with Lenovo as the other docks are way too expensive. I saw that it had a few compatibility issues with MBP on youtube via the Bsiandad channel but those issues aren't a concern like multiple external display and remote power button.

            My use case is very simple 1 external display, charge my laptop,1 cable solution and a few extra I/O.

            I'll let you know how I go.

  • I'm currently running on a 2017 MacBook Pro and have had no issues connecting to my Xiaomi 32" monitor. It's worked both with a Startech dock over HDMI and a usb-c to DP adapter. I've never had to configure settings on the monitor or MacBook to get it looking right.

  • Have you used a similiarly high resolution/framterate monitor with your MacBook before without issues?

    The cable you're using could be the problem. My understanding is that to fully utilise the monitor's 3440x1440 @ 144hz you'll need a USB-C to DisplayPort cable/adapter that supports DisplayPort 1.4, anything less and it doesn't provide the required bandwidth needed and quality/functionality starts deteriorating.

    Do you have a link to the wire/cable you mentioned that you're currently using?

  • +1

    I use this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/USB-C-Type-C-to-Display-Port-DP-... to get 3440x1440 @ 144hz on my 2019 macbook pro. The hdmi works but limited at 60hz.

  • +1

    Mac thought it's a ycbcr monitor/TV.

    Try google "How to force RGB in Mac OS X" and "mac edid" or probably better to just return it. I guess you may need to patch the system whenever there is a system update (just guessing).

  • any updates on people's issues/devices/cables etc?

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