Best unlocked prepaid Smartphone (on Telstra)

I am thinking of getting a cheap unlocked smartphone for use on Telstra as a Christmas present for my parents. Don't mind if I buy from anyone other than Telstra, but must be unlocked (or easily unlocked) as can only be used with Telstra (country Australia, no choice).

Any tips? Thoughts?


  • Why not buy from telstra (locked to telstra)

    $79 Telstra Smart-Touch
    $99 Samsung galaxy 5
    $199 Wildfire S

    Haven't checked prices with other sources but The wildfire S is quite a nice little smart phone.

    • You forgot the Galaxy Ace - $199…
      You can scratch the HTC Wildfire off the list — this makes for a much better alternative at $199, since the specs are much better (size, resolution, CPU speed).

      I think apart from the Acer Liquid Metal (which is sold out everywhere) this is probably the most decent mobile you can get for under $200 via Telstra.

  • Smart-Touch has a resistive screen, is the galaxy OK?

    • TBH I'm not a fan of the galaxy 5, you might like it though. Come into a a Telstra store and check it out. All the phone are live so you can play with it and work out if it's what you want or not.

  • i believe the defy is going for 299 at the telstra store

  • Anything decent not from Telstra?

    • Everything else!
      LG Optimus One is $99 on Virgin (probably "unlocked" for any Optus based carrier)

      • lol. Thanks, will check it out. I'm with Optus so getting unlocked may be easy.

  • As your parents are in the country, please be sure to check that you'll get the coverage they need. I've been researching smart phones over the past few days, with this in mind, and many of those on offer are not suitable for regional areas.

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