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AIRism Crew Neck / V Neck T-Shirt $9.90 @ UNIQLO


Airism t-shirts discounted at UNIQLO. $9.90 is the special price.

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  • Wish they'd make long sleeved Airism shirts.

  • Does Uniqlo not do click and collect?

  • Are these available to try on in store or are they vacuum packed? Anyone give a review? Don't really wanna rely on uniqlo.com reviews because they're a marketing tactic lol

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      There's a set available to try on but the rest are packed (don't believe they are vacuum packed but they're folded and have a tag on them).

    • I have been using airism as an undershirt under my business shirts for years… I sweat a lot so it’s keeps me looking much dryer.

      Highly Recommended

      Despite what you might think, I feel cooler in summer having this undershirt.

  • ever only had the uniqlo U tshirts - and the airism that goes under other clothes. anyone have any reviews on this?

    hope someone says its crappy because i have way too much clothes as it is…

    • donate to the needy..

    • Airism Mesh is fantastic for hot and humid days and the lightest out of the whole range, but it's sheer and many of the lighter colours are quite see-through, so it's definitely a lounge wear/sleep wear thing only. You're not gonna be wearing this outside.

      I have no aircon at home and often suffer through 30-32 degrees C days and nights in my apartment, and Airism Mesh is the only thing that makes this bearable.

      • my understanding is that that's how it started but now they've started making proper tshirts out of the material not just the sheer ones or the ones you wear under other clothing… I could be wrong..

        • You're right, my apologies, I mixed up Airism with Airmish Mesh. The Mesh line is the one with the ultra thin sheer/see-through ones, whereas Airism is not and can be worn outdoors.

  • Polyester…

    • This is an appropriate use of polyester for a light layer next to your skin.

    • 71% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 4% Spandex

    • Yeah I'm worried about this too. For someone who sweats alot even on average days, this might not be great for summer.

      • It's actually quite cool to wear. I normally wear this at home with the fan on. Since air pretty much goes right through your shirt, it dries pretty quickly too.

        • How about outside? since I will be wearing this for outdoor

          • @Jared17: I wouldn't recommend wearing by itself as both mesh and the silky one is semi transparent. Unless if you're gong for that look, it's not very appealing. Underneath clothes, like a shirt, it works very well in wicking your sweat. I've found that it's a comfortable wear for under clothes without the added heat like a normal t shirt, or the sweat marks like a tank/sleeveless. I have cold/nervous sweats usually, so I'm quite self conscious. It does lessen it.

            • @teatea: Thanks for detailed explanation. However wouldn't wearing another layer under your usual shirt make you hotter? Especially in the summer now

              • @Jared17: It depends on the type of material that's touching your skin. This is what I do so I can't vouch for yourself. YMMV. I'd recommend just buying one and trying it out. For 9.90, it wont break your bank. And if you like it, you can always come back for more. This deal comes a few times a year.

  • Waiting for their Supima Cotton to come to 9.90. The Supima Cotton is good quality stuff.

  • Vouch for these - the cotton airism shirts are for those who want a shirt that feels similar on skin as the normal airism but a lil less sheer, honestly great for when working on car or in garden, etc. Would purchase one of each colour at this price if I hadn't already at rrp when this first came out.

    This is coming from someone who entirely only wears airism when at home and underneath when going out.

  • Bought a bunch of these two years ago to use as undershirts, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    I wear one under a business shirt every work day, and they're only just starting to fray after two years.

    Makes business shirts much more comfortable in summer, definitely helps cool you down and prevent swear stains.

    I'll definitely be buying more at this price.

  • Thanks OP. I've had a good experience with these, I hope it's the summer variant as they do have a winter one too.

  • Thanks for the heads-up RSmith!

    Does anyone know which is best out of these two undershirt options?



  • Through trial and error, I’ve figured out that their $5 off coupon code this month is ‘ 4YOUDEC) ’ (the final character is different each month)