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Akro-Mils 10144 Hardware and Craft Cabinet Black $30.58 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Generally more than $60.00 excluding shipping supplied from Amazon US. Now it is shipping directly from Australia!

For all the Lego enthusiast, Akro-Mils Hardware and Craft Cabinets are some of most suitable sorting containers for storing Lego pieces. It can also be used to store other parts for crafts.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Woo! Had been buying them from the US, this is a great price.

    Much better quality than the Bunnings ones.

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    can't add it to cart of buy now it :(

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    price got changed

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    $73.33 now

    • Bugger :-(

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      That was a bit quick …

      • did you actually see it for $30.58? Because I got a camelcamelcamel alert early this morning and have been watching it all day and never saw it below $70.

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          Yup. Hesitated and missed it.

          Camels definitely misses some deals if they're very short.

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          Yea man! Bought two before posting.
          I actually saw it early this morning. There was still stock after I finished.
          Maybe someone swept the stock …

        • Back on again … quick!

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    The 64 drawer unit is still shipping from Australia at $53 so I figure this will be back

    • Yeah, a promising sign is that they are now supplied by Amazon AU instead of US.
      so fingers crossed!

  • Bought this from the US, very handy organiser, might grab another with the double wide trays to suit some bigger pieces.

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    Damn, I would have been all over this at the reduced price.

    Made in the US too so would have fitted in with my not buying Chinese products if possible policy.

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    bought similar from sca last year thinking I would sort my lego into them, ended up being more trouble then it's worth, OCD went mad and can't decide what bits to go in what cause there were so many odd bits, in the end just got a plastic ikea tub and through all the pieces in there.

  • 2 left in stock

    • can't add to cart

  • Crap, was looking at these on the weekend for my perler beads.

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