eBay.com.au purchase charge credit card international fee though item delivered from Australia

Hi all,

I have recently purchased an item from ebay.com.au and I have checked the Item location from Australia and delivered within Australia.

After two days of purchase I have noticed there is an additional charge saying international transaction fee for an item. though its not much 50c but I wonder why eBay allowed to seller to select Australia location and account in China?

I have put the link below for the item I have purchased.


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  • yeah. this happens alot. even if it ships from Australia..

    I believe it has something to do with the seller's paypal account.

    • Looks like seller have an account in Hongkong. But its really confusing to buyers when it says item shipped from Australia.

  • It's supposed to be confusing. It's a scam that's been going on for years. Ebay are aware of it but they won't bite the hand that feeds them.

    Seller drop ships to Australia in bulk and then it's posted from one of their many 'warehouses' in Australia to the buyer.

    That way buyers pay extra thinking that the item is already in Australia when quite often it isn't.

  • Isn't this really a Paypal scam?
    If you are on ebay.com.au and you pay using paypal.com.au - then why is the payment being processed as an overseas transaction?
    It is an Australian transaction being processed on an Australian site referral, to the Australian paypal system?
    How paypal.com.au then remit the funds to the seller should be a matter for paypal.com.au.
    If they are not going to do this, then don't paypal.com.au have an obligation to disclose that there may be a fee incurred, or that it is being treated as an overseas transaction pursuant to the normal disclosure requirements for financial services providers?

  • Seller based in Germany
    CC payment via ebay - HK based paypal account
    Item listed as Sydney - shipped, tracked from Sydney and received in 2 days.
    $0.52 Foreign transaction fee
    First time I've noticed this, granted I usually use a fee free card though.