NSW Green Slip for 6 Months, Is Another Inspection Required?

I just got my pink slip today and doing a green slip quote was offered a choice of 6 or 12 months rego. If I take the 6 months will another inspection be required afrer 6 months?


  • No. The safety check is good for 12 months.

  • As @whooah said above. Got a rego check today and asked the same question. Rego inspections are for 12 months regardless if you renew for 3, 6 or 12 months. (just make sure you dont lose your keys in that time… ;) )

  • Make sure the pink slip doesn't get ripped before your next renewal. You may have to pay for another one.

    • They are electronic in NSW. It's all recorded in computers.

      • That is true, the mechanic or service centre sent it through using your rego renewal info. I recall when it was done for my car’s “pink slip”(I don’t think it uses the colloquial name anymore), I no longer have the pink slip paper attached and I think I was able to see the information updated via my serviceNSW profile.

        We don’t even have rego stickers now!

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      Or this OP will get salty with SevicesNSW staff and write feedback everywhere about the experience…

  • If you register for 6 months now you won't need another pink slip for a 6-month rego renewal, but you will need one for a 12-month rego renewal.
    (Also, just in case you're not aware, a "green slip" is CTP insurance. You can't register a vehicle for longer than the CTP policy. Eg, can't get a 6-month CTP policy and then register the vehicle for 12 months.)

    • Also.. you cannot get a 12 month CTP and use it to get a 6 month rego (in NSW). They have to start and end on the same date..

  • Plus you need a 12 month rego for toll road rego relief

  • I have just looked at the rego cert an it says safety inspection reports are valiid for 6 months. This looks like if I pay for 6 month rego I will have to get another pink slip. I will check with RTA. May have to pay for 12 months AAMI to get Lucky Club

    • That isnt right. It means that the inspection, if not used for registration or done in advance, can only be done so for 6 months. You will not need another one in 6 months (unless your "annual" date is due in 6 months.) and any way, it will say on your rego paperwork if a rego inspection is required to be conducted… Or not

      More info about it here… RMS - Short Term Rego Information

      If you are doing 6 months, then 6 months again, it's only due every 12 months.

  • safety inspection reports

    Valid for 42 days actually… 38 days left to decide.. cutting it close..

  • I called them up, said valid for 12 months, so I am taking 6 months rego