[Pirated - Removed as Deal] Windows 10 Pro Global License Key Lifetime Global Online Activation US$0.20 (+GST) @AliExpress

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From the reviews looks geniune.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 32 / 64-Bit

✅ Delivery within 1 minute ✅ Lifetime ✅ Support ✅

Lifetime Activation


Mod: There are multiple reports stating that this product is illegal, however without any further evidence we are unable to unpublish the deal. Please see this comment for previous discussions on this.

Mod 2: From comments and reports it appears that they keys are readily available via google, they are not unique and the seller's store has been closed. We can safely assume that they are pirated or stolen in this case. We have removed the deal, the link is kept as the store no longer exists and the post is moved to the forum so discussion can be retained.

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      yeah legit or not, it works. cant say ill cry for MS

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    dont forget 5% cashback from shopback or cashrewards.


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    It says "Genuine", so I'm sure it is what it claims /s

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    They could also be Windows 7/8 keys as these will also work on Win 10.

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    Serious? $0.20 for a genuine Windows 10 license key sounds sus

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      Did you see it come out of the air vent?

      emergency meeting

    • Where?

      Near electrical.

      • Nah, in storage emptying this garbage

        • Sus.

          Vote OzBargainHunter3000

  • The price tells why its not genuine . Unbelievable .
    Can I neg ?

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    These kinds of CD Keys sellers are popping up everywhere on Ebay and with sellers disappearing after selling them… While the keys do work, this is nothing new that sellers are selling CD keys which have questionable legalities to it… I think this shouldn't be posted here…

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            @plague69: because unless you want to turn this place into a den of thieves posting deals for stolen goods, counterfeit products and scams then these sort of things need to be removed. Buying stolen goods is NOT a deal, you could say they are overpriced if you like as you can actually get them for free if legalities mean nothing to you.

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              @gromit: alibaba and the 40 thieves

    • they can't even make any money off of you at 1c or 20c.

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      questionable legalities

      I feel the same about Microsoft's mandatory telemetry tactics, anti-competitive practices like it's the 90's all over again, data-mining, nag-ware, and general privacy concerns.

      Windows should be free, or no more than $5 anyway for home users, since the user became a profitable product for MS long ago.

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    Mine comes up as 0.01c suckers! new user bonus

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      Just a warning, your card will probably get blocked, and you'll have to ring visa/mastercard. happened last time i bought something for 1cent from aliexpress

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    Payment failed
    must appeal
    WTF Aliexpress junk

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      Same here

      Payment Failed
      We couldn't process this payment for security reasons. Error code: CSC_7200026
      Step 1. Click the "Submit appeal" button. Step 2. Look for the appeal result in email - we will send it to you within 3 working days. Step 3. If your appeal is approved, you can pay for your order again in Account > Orders > Unpaid. Note: You won't be charged for this unpaid order so no need to cancel it.

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        Same here so I just got 6 to meet the PayPal minimum and that went through. Haha.

        • Thanks! I just did the same :)

        • it's been so long since I shopped at AE that I had no idea they accepted Paypal now

    • Happened to me when I used Debit card, Credit card worked fine.

      • +1

        Both didn't
        oh well

        • lol why did you get downvoted?

    • Same

  • Thanks bought 5

    • Why? If it's a volume license key (which it most likely is) you should be able to use the one key on all 5

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    I has been more than 1 minute…. Waiting!

    • Will be shipped within: 2 days 23 hours 40 minutes

    • +1

      Check your AliExpress message centre, I bought one for like $5 just 3 days ago and didn't get an email because they sent it in the AliExpress message centre.

  • -1

    It's so the fifty cent army can turn a profit from post one.

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    Dont forget Cashback 5% :) :)

  • purchased. thanks

  • -1

    If it activates then presumably it hasn't been activated on any hardware before. No reason to suspect it's illegal or illegit.

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      Cool I have another customer to sell my ice to besides the Eskimo's lol

    • The price and seller should be enough of a give away..

      That said if MS actually wanted people to buy genuine Windows …. they would do away with their incoherently complex licensing and pointless versions and just sell Windows for a couple of hundred bucks.

      • … They do? Win10 Home. About $150, retail copy, in a box. And given Windows 10 is "the last version of Windows" or whatever they're saying, it will last you "forever", move it to any PC..

        • Its all fun and games until you find out you need Win10 Pro or have to go through the 54 digit phone activation.

    • It's legit in the sense that it's a real key, blessed by Microsoft. It's "illegal" in the sense that it will be a volume issued key that is not allowed to be resold.

      Ultimately it's the seller that is violating their volume license, but the key is unlikely to stop working or anything (after activation). Just don't hold onto the key for 6 months and expect it to still activate then, use it straight away.

  • LOL

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    Make sure you use instantly

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      Exactly. Don't expect to be able to contact the seller if you try and fail to activate in a month's time.

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    The best and only legit thing about this post is all these comments :D :D

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    Windows = US$0.20
    Linux distros = Free

    Linux Win :)

    • Then everyone should be using it ;)

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      I like my computer life to be easy though

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      Yeah let me just install Linux so I can't run anything useful.

  • 241 hot tip.
    After you activate, msg the seller and tell them it didn't work. Receive another key.

    • pro tip.

    • Thx. Ordered 4 just for the LOL. Will claim 3 keys didn't work.

    • +4

      Resell for 10c
      Cycle continues

  • Minimum 5 to go through PayPal.

    • then get 5. 5 cents ain't gonna break the bank.

  • This is a bad deal, it's way cheaper on Microsoft.com ;)

  • Bought 5. Thanks.

  • +15

    seller info
    ;Store No. 911130070
    This store has been open since Nov 19, 2020
    Business Information

    This post should not be in here , while we all love a bargain, we must still have integrity. we should not encourage criminal activity , Can the op please remove this post thanks

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    Lol, aliexpress and you expect genuine products

  • Payment not working through AliExpress for me. Anyone bought 5 and willing to sell one?

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    You know you can get the same from a keygen. Computer keys are like doing your taxes. You can lie your arse off, but if they audit you are going to get into legal trouble. Like a giant legitimate business getting student ms office keys for their employees - yeah it works on the pc, but if you get audited you will get into legal trouble.

    • Homes don't get audited. I'd be surprised if any small business do either.

      • Small business definitely get audited… as for home. Use a keygen if you are confident. Theres absolutely no reason to pay for an illegal key.

    • for businesses i get. MS will nail them to the wall. But for home users who just get get one or two for home use. Didly squat will happen.

      • If these serials activate, then you're okay. Worst case would be deactivation and ask you to pay the MS tax afterwards. Just like you can't get fined for accepting counterfeit currency if you didn't know it was counterfeit

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      Keygen serials are not registered with and won't activate with MSDN servers. The volume license workaround needs installation of an additional tool so not counted either.

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      Buying and using this key is not a lie or a fraud. You bought a genuine key that is activated by Microsoft!

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        I keep saying it. There is absolutely no reason to pay for an illegal key. Keygens do the same. You only fork out money for legitimate software.

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          so free keygens generate keys that are then activated through Microsoft servers?

          • @Phoebus: yes.

            if you are going to pirate windows, don't pay anything for it.

            • @Antikythera: Absolutely not…

              There is no need for Keygens for windows 10 as it has generic keys for installation.

              You might be thinking of activation workarounds which work by doing a bypass on the windows activation servers or constantly changing to working volume keys

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          Hmm, install a keygen that highly likely has a virus in it or pay 20c for the key.
          Cant decide…

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        You are perpetuating criminal activity by providing money to thieves.

        • True. They can buy a new iPhone after 10,000 sales. Say no to giving them iPhones

          Edit: 17066 orders at 5% fee. Seller made AUD$4377.43. Aliexpress paid credit card processor AUD$5119.8+% and made back AUD$230.39 in fees

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    For 20 cents, I dont know why the seller would even bother…

    • if its automated and 10,000 x 20 cent
      or even 100,000

      • Even if we pretend that 10,000 people will buy this lol, it would still only be making $2,000. Like this guy could have just onsold 2 Xbox X or PS5 (not condoning this) and make that sort of money from 2 sales. And it would arguably be a whole lot less hassle and a lot less shady.

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    I hope you guys aren't all getting these keys,

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      Yeah can someone run slmgr /dli from CMD prompt and show what key type you have received pls

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