[Pirated - Removed as Deal] Windows 10 Pro Global License Key Lifetime Global Online Activation US$0.20 (+GST) @AliExpress

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From the reviews looks geniune.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 32 / 64-Bit

✅ Delivery within 1 minute ✅ Lifetime ✅ Support ✅

Lifetime Activation


Mod: There are multiple reports stating that this product is illegal, however without any further evidence we are unable to unpublish the deal. Please see this comment for previous discussions on this.

Mod 2: From comments and reports it appears that they keys are readily available via google, they are not unique and the seller's store has been closed. We can safely assume that they are pirated or stolen in this case. We have removed the deal, the link is kept as the store no longer exists and the post is moved to the forum so discussion can be retained.

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        There is Win10 Education but also 'consumer editions'? Not sure exactly what those versions are though.

    • Excellent reminder! This needs to be in the post!

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    I'm surprised this post it still going . I think the OZB fish need to be protected by pulling this post down .

    • Which fish are we talking about here?

      • Is it only me that my first comment said : The price tells why its not genuine . Unbelievable .
        Can I neg ?

        Its a no-brainer instant pull down post but yet its still going .

        Sure eventually it will be pulled down but some damage that could have been stopped has been done .

        • Never said you can't neg. Was just wondering about the fish…

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    Bought 5 for $1.51

    Can confirm its not instant delivery :P

  • Looks like it's been ozbargained.

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    ComeON Officeworks price match this sucker!!!

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    If someone could message me 2 keys I would appreciate it. Pay back kindly with a kiss.

    • Yeah 20c is a little steep…. Ill have one too if anyone is rich enough to afford it /s

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    So that’s how much private data is worth.

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    Yet another example of how standards around here continue to slip if illegal sales of software are allowed to be posted as a bargain.

    • Illegal or someone very generous… Not proven yet right? Why are so many people jumping the gun? I'm sure the mods would pull it once they have proof

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        I can't figure out if people here are naive or wilfully ignorant…

        Edit: and how are they going to get definitive proof? It's an impossible standard.

        • Well, someone gets the product and it's verified not as advertised or legal…? I'm happy to post my key here once I get it and people can check if it's VLK from MSDN, retail or something else

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    lol @ the comments in here.

  • Everyone’s data is sold to Microsoft now. Be prepared for Microsoft to use your name and transaction details as evidence to sue you.

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      Who says they can sue? Link?

  • Thank you OP I will now sell on gum tree for cash in hand obviously 💪

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    I bought Win10 Pro from this seller 'EveryKey Store' for $4.41 AUD with provided PayPal process in AliExpress, like eBay. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001277322699.html?spm=a2...

    Before I bought I asked the seller in AliExpress chat if it was Retail or OEM licence, they said "retail" so I took a shot and bought and tried their key.

    It activated, is now a digitally linked licence to the Microsoft Account I used it with, and typing in CMD "slmgr /dli" without quotes it confirms that it is the 'RETAIL channel' and 'License Status: Licensed.'

    Will post a review on their product page when I can.

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      None of this actually makes it a legitimate or not stolen key. Just saying.

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      Thanks for the tip. Bought one and it checks out as a win 8.1 pro retail key, should work fine for my new build. Cheers.

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    Wow, the mod note that there is no evidence. It is laughable and embarrassing to OzBargain if this quality of deal is allowed to remain.

    These are very obviously fake keys, Microsoft does not sell these for <$1 and certainly cost way more than this per seat/key, even in bulk to OEM. I think it is incredibly unlikely that this random AliExpress store is deciding to sell these at a massive loss.

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      Hold ur horses. No one received their keys yet so none can confirmed if its fake or not.

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        I'm not disputing that the key works, I'm disputing the fact that we clearly just have illegal/stolen goods being sold on the front page of OzBargain.

        • -6

          Ok Karen…..?

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          Ok no worries. Called KGB and they will raid the fish market in Wuhan.

          And OP's house too.

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          If they work they're not fake.

          And them being very cheap doesn't mean they are illegal or stolen, not with windows keys, there are many ways to get them at practically no cost.

          • @Larwood: Are you able to elaborate on how you would get them at practically no cost and could legally resell them?

    • The seller's price is 10% of what everyone else on aliexpress charges. They may have needed to just get rid of all keys and get cash urgently.

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      While I highly doubt that these keys are retail keys selling directly from Microsoft
      the logic of $1 = fake key doesn't make sense

      Otherwise, any free items offered by different companies are all illegal
      How do you know that if this is Microsoft is giving out free keys for some parties or countries to increase market sharing?

      If you pay full retail price to obtain a Windows key I thankyou on behalf of Microsoft
      But there are many ways to obtain far cheaper windows (or even free) legally

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    Piratebay is back in town :)
    Bad me I loved that site .

    • I know what you did

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    I guess many of us shared different licence keys in private, but this is really too low, publically sell and also promoting it everywhere.

  • Interesting already it says "Sorry, this item is no longer available!", sold out quick lol. The seller I mentioned above still has under 5000 pieces available with under 8000 orders.

    • That's the lifetime.

  • So anyone received their key yet?

    • not yet :( nearly 3 hours have passed now

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        Can take 24 hrs going by reviews

    • Received in AliExpress messages just then

  • What are people buying this for? My new laptop came with windows 10. I needed to pay extra for office though. Previously a mac user.

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      For newly built pc that don't have Windows.

      • Oh so for custom built PCs righto..

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          Yeah plenty people who still build their own. That way they can pick and choose the parts they want.

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      Lots of us build computers DIY. They don't magically come with a Windows license, and this is more secure than using a crack, despite roughly being the same legality.

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      Windows VM on MacOS

      • To be fair you can still install Windows 10 and run it unactivated.

    • Harder to be tracked by agent Smith

  • Interesting mod note, I wonder if Microsoft considers it illegal or not

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    Don't unpublish this then. I totally bought this from this website and decided to give these all away!!!

    Windows 10 Professional Key:

    Windows 10 Home Key:

    Windows 10 Enterprise Key:

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      No you didn't you just copypasta some keys from online

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        Really Sherlock?

      • A bit safer than this deal .
        I found some to add to the party : MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9.

        Disclaimer : I'm not responsible if google top search results have been used 1000's of times lol

        • "safer" grabs popcorn

          lets hear the mental gymnastics

    • Isn't this just the generic keys? Which are legal but not for sale

    • go back to facebook

  • Am I posting the first customary "Why bother? Use Linux!" post?

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    These simply can't be legitimate sales of Win 10 licenses… Microsoft or an authorised reseller of licenses isn't getting the licenses at anywhere near this price, let alone be able to sell at this price.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/3932475/redir

      Someone made a video testing a key bought from eBay for 19.99 EUR.

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        That's a good link and it makes sense that it works and is a valid functioning key (or "genuine").

        However these aren't being sold with Manufacturer equipment (like Dell would put on its desktops and laptops), so selling it as an OEM key isn't valid.

        • Thanks.

          So where did you hear it has to be "sold with Manufacturer equipment"?

          • +1

            @Deal Hunter Go: Here's a Microsoft article from a Google Search:

            From that page, under OEM it says: "But that there are no transfer rights, so the software may not be removed from the PC it was originally installed on and installed on another, however, you are allowed to transfer the PC complete with the OEM licensed software to a new user if required."

            • @msze: Thanks. Ok so you think OEM licences can't be sold legally to the general public?

              From your link, it seems to describe, in their own way, the popular knowledge in the PC building/PC tech communities or websites like Majorgeeks, HowToGeek, Tom's Hardware, etc… that:

              "- OEM licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on

              • OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard"

              And yet this MVP from Microsoft forums links to websites that sells Win10 OEM.
              What is an MVP? https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/overview

              • +1

                @Deal Hunter Go: Yes, you certainly can buy OEM licenses from reputable sellers, like Newegg, but they will require the purchase of a computer at the same time.

                Here's an excerpt from the Disclaimer on the page of the OEM page: "This software is intended for pre-installation on a new personal computer for resale.". (https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/microsoft-windows-10-pro...)

                • @msze: "require the purchase of a computer"? You mean Newegg requires the buyer to purchase a computer when buying OEM? Or did you mean 'require the resale'?

                  "Intended" probably because "OEM versions do not offer any free Microsoft direct support from Microsoft support personnel" but does not mean it's "required".

                  The MVP elaborates "Yes, you can buy and use them, under the license terms say they are intended for system builders who are building and selling systems. There is nothing preventing the average user from purchasing a copy and use it, in fact, many people do."

                  There's further discussion within that link to the Microsoft forum thread.

                  • @Deal Hunter Go: Unfortunately Microsoft's forums aren't official commentary from Microsoft and MVPs are not Microsoft employees and don't speak on their behalf.

                    For official Microsoft commentary, Google "A simple guide to understanding software licensing" and there's a Microsoft PDF that provides official information.

                    An excerpt re OEM: "With OEM, you buy the hardware (such as a laptop) with the software already installed"

                    If you would like to look further into it, the OEM should have a full license agreement with it and that should stipulate the need to be sold with hardware by an OEM System Builder.

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    I used to dabble in selling these keys 5 years ago in highschool, if they are obtained the same way they are "genuine" which ive never had a problem with since (I give them to my friends now and again). The only way you run into problems is if the seller gets lazy and uses the same keys for each customer instead of procuring new ones which at this price wouldnt suprise me.
    The hard part is getting rid of them and reselling at a decent price as microsoft is pretty proactive in shutting down people who try it.

  • My windows @#£# @#&&+-_ but is registered and does what's intended, even has a I'd number associated with the account that Microsoft recognises but @#£ @#£& and isn't g£n£u£ne.

    Microsoft needs a online activation, or a active connection to activate windows, because the current states just abysmal, I guess as long as game pass exists they'll let people run PS2 on the series X, and allow people to just bypass the windows kernel, and registry system.

    In time all will change.

  • Only 1 report, you guys aren't straight edge enough eyy

    I also found this amusing: "Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral."

    • Only 1 report, you guys aren't straight edge enough eyy

      It was reported a few times but if you read in the bottom. There is a mod edit in it.

      • Ha, you are right. This is so illegal but there is no evidence for the mod. The show must go on.

        I honestly don't get why you'd pay 20c for something you can get for free, if you weren't going to buy a legal copy.

  • Microsoft = Micro Price

  • How does one check if it's a MAK or RETAIL copy?

  • +2

    Windows does go cheap in other countries, I hope you guys would have pick this up by now that AUS is ripping ppl off for a lot of products. Blame the middle man.

    • +1

      in the motherland I can buy almost any AAA game for $10 or less

      same game in Australia is 60-100.

      Cray cray. Luckily i have been given lifetime access from steam to games from russia but for others they are not so lucky

      If anyone ever travels to russia or other countries where games are cheaper make sure you get some documentation you can then give to steam to allow you to purchase games from that location

  • +1

    Keys received via AliExpress messages prompted by shipping notification email.

    • Same here - Key in Messages

  • I can't even log into AE anymore. Every time you log in it requires you to verify which is super annoying. Now it needs to send a verification email with a code, but the email never comes. There's a link that says "Didn't receive the code? Click here" but that link doesn't load. So I got no way of logging into AE to get my keys.

    I have tried this on multiple browsers. The site is fuct. It looks more like a phishing site than a legit store.

    • Not in junk?

      • Nope, not there either.

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