Please Recommend Apps for Drawing Diagrams

Hi all, I am doing a casual work for a company that do landscaping so the Sales will have to go to site to give a quote and draw a diagram. I have created a PDF form and the company is thinking of transitioning to paperless copies of the forms with the diagrams. I am not familiar with ipads or tablets as I personally do not use them, only have an andriod phone. Just wondering if anyone can point to a direction on a good app/software to use for filling in details and then drawing on the PDF form?
Much appreciated and thanks in advance.


  • MS Paint

    • Thanks, is MS paint available also on iPad or andriod tablets? I just tried to see if I can open a PDF with MS paint on computer and there's no selection for MS Paint?

      • Keep trying friend, probably an error on your end

        • I just tried again the other way, to open a PDF in the Paint program…I also check that there's no selection to save as a PDF?
          Also just to confirm MS Paint is the same as 'Paint'?
          I think mine is Windows XP is that makes any difference?

  • If you're after a simple diagrams & flowcharts app, try

    • Yes, just need really simple diagrams…will look into this when I have a ipad I can try out on.

  • None come to mind. Sorry.

  • Landscaping you say? Could screenshot the property from Google or Apple Maps and use that as a base, so you don't have to draw the house each time. Could set up a template in a drawing app full of shrubs and trees and paths to copy and resize over the inserted screenshot of the property. Your guys would be spending a lot of time dicking around though, but I guess they'd get good at it after a while. And they could draw straight onto it too and forget the template shrubs and stuff. You would want proper layers so that leaves the regular image markup out. Procreate is a cheaper clone of Photoshop. Illustrator has an app too now, how cool would it be if all your staff were learning how to use Illustrator over time. There's be no limit to what they could draw if they learn how to use it.

    I think those are all too hard for the average person to use though. You might want to get a spare iPad, load it up with different apps, preload workfiles in each one with a screenshot of a random property with lots of garden all your guys are familiar with (like your commercial property), and actually test them all. You could spend an entire day looking up reviews and stuff, or you could just test them all yourself. You might find a basic doodling app with colors, layers, and pen thickness is all you need.

    • Thanks for the detailed response, sounds too complicated for the Sales guy as they usually only spend about 30mins at each site. Just need really simple basic drawings. :)

      • They could limit themselves to just a few layers, rather than one layer per plant. Then each of your guys can use as many layers as they want, some probably can use just one for the entire drawing, others might like trees to have their own layer so they can tweak it quickly. Try Procreate. You need to spend a few minutes learning how the brush tools and layers work, but once you know it you know it for life. So you'll need to teach them all how to use it. Even for basic drawings procreate might be a good option.

    • Procreate, hehehe

  • If you need to add drawings onto PDFs, maybe you can try Adobe PDF Reader or an equivalent app to edit/annotate a PDF.

  • Have a look at Concepts