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Free $5 New Account Credit + Multiple $5/$10 Credits (13/12-24/12) @ Zeus Street Greek (App)


Say goodbye to party pies and sandwiches and say hello to delicious, high quality Greek Street food.

Day Use-By Date (December)
1 $10 Credit 13
2 $10 Credit 14
3 $10 Credit 15
4 $10 Credit 16
5 17
6 $5 Credit 18
7 $5 Credit 19
8 $5 Credit 20
9 $5 Credit 21
10 22
11 23
12 $10 Credit 24

Use your credit in-store, pick up or local delivery using the App as payment method.


– You need you to add your payment method first in order to use the free credit.

-Once you redeem, your credit will appear on your main screen top right. (make sure is there!)

-Example: If you redeem $5 free credit and your order value is $30 – You will be charged by $25 (You can see your transaction on the App menu top left “My Activity”)



*The $5 or $10 credit or remainder will disappear next day – We recommend to use your full credit from *11:30 am to 8:30 pm

*Not valid outside of App environment & delivery aggregators

*Please review our stores trading hours on Google.

  • The free credit can not be refunded under any circumstances.

The Zeus Team.

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    Say hello to t&c!
    Give us the Deal Description, rather than an ad!

    Not active - starts 13/12
    OP: need to set start date of Deal!

    12 days of Festival Season promo:
    Days 1-3, & 12: $10
    Rest $5
    Credit added has to be used the day it is added!
    The $5 or $10 credit or remainder will disappear next day

    Requires App & You need you to add your payment method first in order to use the free credit.

    As often mentioned food is dearer than many other Greek places & smaller serves.

    • Reported… Deal Description now extensively updated by Mods 👍
      Was just: Say goodbye to party pies and sandwiches and say hello to delicious, high quality Greek Street food.

  • Min. spend? Example in post states $30

  • So this is an every day offer?

    Very confusing deal.

  • +2

    Op's table is…wrong.

    The important 10cr days are

    Day 1 offer is $10 credit = 13th dec
    Day 2 = $10cr = 14th
    Day 3 = $10cr = 15th
    Day 12 = $10cr = 24th

  • Just claimed my free $10 credit. The 30 min drive there and back should be fun.

    • Did you order something <$10 and got it for free?

  • Does the $5 new account credit stack with the 12 days promo credit?

  • Just went to Broadway. Tried to order something $12 and they say need to order more to get the credit works.

    • did they say what was the minimum spend?

      • They said I need to spend more but didn't say how much. Broadway just not happy honouring a $2 pita. The staff said it would be good if the transaction is like $40-50. Clearly not in the T&C.

  • Thanks OP. No minimum spend when I ordered and paid with the app. Still got 50c credit left

  • I can see why the app is 1.7 stars.. I also get the unauthorised access when I select the 2nd ordering option.

    • Ugh. This is a horrible user experience. Not worth it to save $10 on some overpriced lamb.


    "This operation is not accessible on the browser" ???

    how to overcome this?

  • Goto "How to redeem your app credit" and order from there.

    I have no idea I could'nt login in a ppop up there but through new signup with same details Worked.

    At the payment simply pay through app. You only get charged when you order morethan your app credit.

    $12 and Sprite $3 and used $15 app credit. Didn't pay a penny.

    A bit tricky app though 🙏

  • Broadway store said their app payment system has crashed… Hmmmm

    • Lady at broadway also claim their system crash today without me even asking, like she has said it to everyone. more just an excuse not to honour the promotion.

      then went off to surry hill store with a little better experience but not by much. the tall guy likely owner was fine at first but then unhappy when you buy with app purchase due to use of app credit twice over, he let me do it but given clear attitude about it.

      no idea why online ordering is not working. this franchise don't run promo often at all and it's tricky to use when do have one on

  • Thanks OP

    Got $10 off today. Agreed the app is confusing

  • Do we select pay with our card and they only charge us if we order over our credit

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