Microsoft's Device Service and Replacement Process

So my Surface Book 1 (i7, 256GB, 8GB, GPU) has developed a hardware issue and needs repair/replacing. As it is out of warranty, it will cost $950 to replace with a "similar device".
I'm just wondering if any of you fine Ozbargainers have had any experience with Microsoft's Device service and replacement, specifically, do they usually replace older machines such as a Surface Book 1 with another Surface Book 1 or is it possible I will receive a Surface Book 2 with the same specs? A SB2 would make the $950 process worthwhile, but not so much a SB1.
I have called Microsoft and they said it will be the same device, but the agent didn't sound too sure of themselves - so I'm hoping they're wrong.
Be interested to hear from your experiences. Thanks in advance!!

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  • Why would they replace an older model with a newer model? Might as well ask for SB3 while you're at it.

  • It's certainly not unheard of; for instance, MS is currently replacing faulty SP4 devices with SP5. A similar device is open to interpretation, hence my question regarding the experiences of others. Thanks for your opinion all the same.