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Roku Japanese Gin $55 @ Liquorland


Hi all. Roku is back on special at Liquorland for $55.

When taking into account the 2,000 flybuy points ($10) for buying online only and the Cashrewards 10% cashback on the ex-GST price of $50 ($5), the end result is $40 for a bottle. (Expired)

Lots of other deals available based on my above calculations, if correct.

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  • Is this a smooth one like bombay, or something very juniper

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      Pardon my ignorance, what’s a smooth gin? They all taste same with tonic and lime wedges? Or do you drink them straight ?

      • I'm new to gin but after trying Canberra Distillery's sloe gin became a fan. I found it too sweet with tonic water but a little bit of soda makes it nice.

      • Yes, you're allowed to drink gin neat :)

      • what’s a smooth gin?

        Bombay sapphire is a smooth gin
        Tanqueray, beefeater, are your more 'traditional' gins

        Mostly G&Ts, drinking it straight out the bottle is very… awakening

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          Bombay sapphire tastes horrible

      • They don't all taste the same, even when they're mixed with tonic and lime.

      • I personally prefer this with soda water and lemon.

    • Yes, I drink them straight most of the time. Only with tonic when with friends. It is juniper, but still very smooth, no less because of the easily noticeable herbal and citrusy after taste

      • Will it make a difference if I buy this vs cheap gin and mix with tonic and lime wedges?

        • I would recommend against putting this into any strong tasting tonic, because Roku taste is quite light and easily overpowered.

          Having said that, some of my friends like Roku in tonic because it's so smooth and easily drunk.

          Taste is very personal, so I guess you should buy both and experiment with. Just don't finish the bottles in a night or a week, a month or two maybe…

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      It's quite mild, smooth, and not overly junipery, still tasty and incredibly popular for this reason. I personally prefer the more formidable juniper and/or citrus gins but the Roku is very safe and appeals to most palettes, I certainly wouldn't be mad if this was my only choice. Most Japanese spirits tend to be really smooth and well balanced all across the board really.

  • Been seeing so many deals from this Roku, why? Is it like a Johnny Black in Gin? Why so popular?

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      Because it's pretty good, newish to the Australian market and looks fancier than other cheap gin :P

      • And doesn't take as long as whisky to make :)

      • Good… means? How is this compare to classic version of Hendricks, Archie Rose or Four Pillars?

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    • Liquorland beat Dan Murphy's by $14.85 after discounts.

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    Doesn't matter still cheaper with bonus points and cash back

    • Cheaper by a mile with the discounts

  • four pillars Or roku ?

  • aviation gin number one

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    Have bought this a number of times in the $36-$38 NET price range (inc. all discounts), as recently as earlier this week for ~$37 via LL 25% CB + $10 off $100…
    It's a great 'regular' gin to have and would definitely recommend at this price. Very good value and easy to drink.

  • Thanks for posting this OP. Just picked one up today. One of my fav gins!

  • How long does it take for the points to show up in the account?

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      The Terms & Conditions usually say that it can take up to four weeks after the offer expires for the bonus points to be credited, but recently, they have all been appearing by the end of the next day.

      However, apparently their system is a bit glitchy and some people find that sometimes the points never get credited and you have to ring up Customer Service to get them sent through. You will need to wait out the four weeks before contacting them, though. (Tip: set a reminder on the deal; set a calendar reminder; or use a spreadsheet to track/confirm that your points have actually been credited.)

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