Wireless Mic Battery Cover Hack?

Someone borrowed the portable PA System at work today, and one of the wireless mics was returned with a broken battery cover (presumably dropped) -.-
As the mic still functions, I don't think it warrants a replacement, and they're difficult to find for this system anyway (unless I buy a wireless mic kit that includes one).

I'm going to do a Bunnings trip tomorrow and have a look at some rubber accessories that might fit snug over the bottom of the mic to secure the battery in place (I'm thinking something similar to a rubber door stop cover), but thought I'd post it here in case anyone's been in this predicament before (eg. in the Audio Visual industry) and has come up with a neat little hack, or perhaps has any suggestions.


  • The other option I can think of (beyond the door stop you mention) is heat shrink, for example: https://www.bunnings.com.au/raychem-35-12mm-x-1-2m-heat-shri... - not sure on sizing, that was just a guess! Could also try an electrical wholesaler for heatshrink…

    Or you could put a door stop on and heat shrink over??? Hope you find a solution!

  • Gaffer tape.

  • Could you get someone clever to 3d print it for you?

    • That would be cool. and there's a 2nd mic with the system that has the battery cover still in tact, which could be 3d scanned. I just don't know anyone with that sort of kit :/

  • Those mini disposable coffee cup, then black tape it.

  • +1 for Gaffer tape.

    Find someone who has a broken unit and buy for discount.

  • Update: After looking at different types of PVC Adapters/Caps, I took a wander down the Door Hardware isle and.. guess what. A 45mm door stop fits almost perfectly.
    The only issue is, there's a bit too much of a gap at the end for the 9v battery to fit snug, so I'll have to find a bit of foam off-cut to put inside it, or maybe some Blu Tack or something.