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BlitzWolf BW-MS1 Monitor Stand US$27.99 (A$38.61), BW-MS3 Dual Monitor Stand US$36.99 (A$51.02) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Ship from AU warehouse,GST included and one week delivery.

And we will update banggood AU stock coupon code on this URL https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q7iBgFUw3BgoEZe-eLO4...

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Model: BW-MS1
Size: 263mm523mm562mm*401mm
Net Weight: 1.425kg
Rotation: 360° Rotation, +90° to -45° Tilt, 180°Swivel
Head Type: Quick Assembly Design
Screen Size: 13"to 27"
Load: 2-6.5kg
VESA Standard: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
Mount Ways: Clamp Mount, Grommet Mount
Mounts Desks with a Thickness: 10-99mm

Model: BW-MS3
Net weight: 2.85KG
Head Type:Quick Assembly Design for Easy Monitor Installation
Mount Ways:Clamp Mount, Grommet Mount
Rotation:360° Rotation, +90° to -45° Tilt, 180°Swivel
Screen Size:13
VESA Standard:75x75mm, 100x100mm
Mounts Desks with a Thickness:10-99mm

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  • Got any with a desk base rather than a clamp?

    • +1

      Description says it does clamp and grommet? That what you mean by desk base?

      • Like a flat plate that can sit upon the desk.

        • +2

          Yep that's what the grommet mount is for. The base can't just sit on the desk without any mounting, it'd fall over. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see it.

  • pity they don't fit the xiaomi 34 =(

    upvote anyway because they are a good price

    • Do they not? 100x100 Vesa mount.

      • my guess as well however I think it's because the xiaomi is recessed mount?

        • This mount is rated to 27 inches and would likely sag from the weight of a 34 inch ultrawide

          • @TheSeason: Agree. The Mount looks like it would suit recessed. But weight is another issue

          • @TheSeason: ah okay. Missed that info. Will have to pass on this.

          • @TheSeason: The monitor itself is only 5.7kg. Review on the site says they used it with a 6.4kg monitor. I’m tempted to buy and see how it goes.

        • +1

          I have NB F80 old version, the max load only 6.5kg, same as this mount.

          I just put my xiaomi 34" monitor on, it work fine.

  • +6

    Anyone know how this compares with the NB f80?

  • Purchased a BW MS3. Let's hope it supports 2x 6.4kg monitors…

  • Any way to use coupon multiple times?

    • which one do you want to buy more than 2.

      • The single monitor mount. I bought 2 but I wanted to get 4 more for my new small business. (Thanks dell monitor deals) :p

        If you can do anything that would be great, if not thanks for the good the deal!

  • +7

    if you're getting these mounts for 24" or 27" monitor and using a dual setup, i think personally it would be worth considering buying two single mounts as it would allow you to get a deeper fit, if you get the dual mount i feel you won't get as much "throw" so if you have a deep desk, you may end up with monitors further away than what you'd prefer. The flexibility of having two mounts i think outweighs buying the one product (IMHO)

    • +1

      This. Wish I'd bought two arms instead of one dual one.

    • Think it's the basic cheaper arms that have this issue. I have the startech dual arms specifically so I can adjust the monitors for standing or sitting down desks. Have the monitors back, or bring them forward. Cost $330 tho.

      • although i don't doubt your claims that you could have a perfectly viable solution, but the comment still stands that two single arms will always have more flexibility and range of motion compared to a dual monitor arm, even if you pay heaps of money for the best, equivalent in single will always have more available freedom of movement

  • @banggood any specials on the MS2 or MS4?

  • Does this fit the AOC 24g2?

  • I wonder if my 32" 16:9 monitor fit, very temped to have a try.

  • My Dell UltraSharp 27" by itself is too much weight for the BW-MS3.

  • Is there a new code for the MS1? The current code seems to have run out.

  • I set these up but both my monitors are not level and tilted to the right. Anyone have the same issue?

    • +1

      You know they rotate, yeah? (Hold the edges of the monitor and spin it the other way)

      • Yeah thanks haha i didnt want to break it so was reluctant to do that

        • Don't worry, you're not the first! :P

    • Nevermind. Managed to tilt it, iitially did not want to break it but needed some force to titl so it levels

  • My goodness Banggood's support have not been fun to deal with. Purchased a two arm mount in early December. It said it would be delivered within 3-7 business days. Obviously given Christmas time and COVID etc I expected it to take longer, but the tracking with Aramex (who aren't great themselves) is showing that only the consignment has been raised on 8th of December and they haven't even got the item yet.

    Banggood have given me about 12 different answers about whats happening.

  • I am also eagerly awaiting delivery since this deal was posted off my 4 units with advised delivery time of 10 days

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