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[PC] Twitch - Yooka Laylee (Twitch/Prime membership required) - Prime Gaming


Another free game for those of you that have a Twitch/Prime Gaming subscription.


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  • that IS a good freebie , thanks !

    another good freeby for members on Prime is "SNK 40th Anniversary Collection" too , for those of us old enough to remember dingy smoke filled arcades..
    nice collection of games and bonuses including artwork, soundtracks etc.

  • Nevermind, it was right at the bottom. Was expecting it to be next to BF3.

    Looks like we now need the Amazon App to claim these!

    • I can claim on mobile but my game library no longer appears in twitch, despite their FAQ saying that they should still be available from twitch. I downloaded the Amazon gaming app and it's nicer than twitch anyway, no problem installing some stuff from the last round of games.

      • That's intereting. Sucks that we need another gaming app. I wonder if the GoG galaxy launcher added Amazon yet?

    • Looks like we now need the Amazon App to claim these!

      Not sure what happened, but I didn't need the app to claim them - just loaded up the page in my desktop browser and clicked Claim. Was next to BF3 at the top too

  • Where to find them? I can only see in game items…

  • Oh.. so all these are downloadable and playable through the Amazon app, not given as keys like with the BF3 one..?
    And once your membership expires, i assume we lose access, the same as xbox live/ ps plus ?

  • Wow I was thinking of purchasing this yesterday…. Great timing.

  • great game