Suggestions or Deals for Any 2.5-5kw Split Air Conditioner?

Hey all,

With summer heats getting increasingly hotter by day I'm looking to install a new air conditioner in the bedroom

Never having purchased an AC before I'm a bit lost for reputable brands, how much I should pay etc.

Any suggestions or current sales/deals would be much appreciated



  • We installed a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries unit recently. Our only complaint is it's too cold. First world problems, right?

  • Mitsubishi, Fujitsu or Daikin.
    You will quite likely end up paying more for the installation than the cost of the actual unit so make sure you factor that in too.

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries units are about the best around, have 3 installed.

  • I have this one
    Got this model the first time, as to be able to do back to back install it had to fit in a quite narrow spot, this was the only model that would fit. But I really like it. It’s super quiet on quiet mode (ie can sleep with it on). Liked it so much we bought it for our babies room as well and he sleeps with it on too. It’s also really efficient and can cool down a room very quickly. I don’t have much to compare with other than a very large old air conditioner in our lounge room. This price at Harvey Norman is actually a decent price for this model. Also remember install will cost about $500-600 for a simple back to back install.

    • Available North QLD, NT & Northern WA Only

      • Ah! Good pick up. I have a feeling it’s been replaced with a newer model. We bought our first one about 3 years ago when qld gov was doing a rebate and the second one about 18months or more ago when expecting bub. Perhaps that’s why it’s on sale, just limited stock.

    • Actually the link above isn’t the one I have, just realised that’s a cooling only model, hence only available in the north. Mine is this one we find the heat function useful too in southern qld. I’m not sure if these are available anymore.

  • I got Panasonic, very happy with them.

  • Interested, in NSW. Small room.

  • so i see most people getting the unit from harvey norman ? and how much is installation for 2.5kw ? did you all go with the official installer that harvey norman recommended ?

  • Mitsubishi has a rebate deal on at the moment

    • good info thanks.
      went to HN yesterday - just by the looks and plastic material quality, mitsu is behind samsung pana fujitsu.. mitsu the plastic feel cheap

      anyone has experience with installation service from bunning? are they cheap reasonable enough comparing with the locals we can find from yellowpages?

  • Mitsubishi always gets good reviews and has good quality. Mine is easy 10 years old, no issues. I found a good guys installer was rubbish, it leaked water, you do get what you pay for.

    • huh? i thought the recommended installer from GG, HN, Bunnings, and all big retailers will be good, and slightly overprice/expensive?
      so you saying the start from $499 installation (saw at HNorm) is actually wayyyy too cheap???

      • Yeah, install should be more expensive than the AC itself. $499 at usual tradie $100 an hour, is 5 hours work. Not enough time to put an AC on the wall, cut holes into the wall, run AC cables, run power, power kill switch, work on the fuse board, mount external unit, ducting etc etc. So they cut corners and do it quickly and cheap.