Coles GU10 240V 500 Lumens 6 Watt Warm White LED Globe: As Safe as Mirabella?

Coles sells their own-brand bulbs in packs of 2 for $10 (per pack) but the similar Mirabella model is $10 for one.
These are non-dimmable and not smart downlights (cue jokes about being neither dim nor smart).

Apart from any performance difference, is there any safety concern with the Coles brand?
I know there were reports some years ago about similar lights from China and cannot find any assurance through Googling. I would hope Australia and Coles has improved their QA after such reports.


  • If anyone had any safety issues it would be all over the news. Can't say I've ever had any issues with Coles brand bulbs and I've had several over the years.