Small Business Setup - Logos, Website etc

Starting up a small NDIS business. Looking for suggestions please for low cost options for the following -

Design logo
Build website
Business cards
Domain and emails


  • fiverr

  • Lookup the NDIS price schedule to find the line item.

  • Requirement Source Price
    Design logo Fiverr or Air Tasker $30 to $100+
    Build website Square Space $192
    Business cards Vistaprint 1000 @ $47.99 + Delivery
    Domain Zuver $10.50 a year
    Email Microsoft 365 Business Basic $6.90 per month per user
    Email + Office Microsoft 365 Business Standard $17.20 per month per user
    Email + G Office Business Starter $8.40 per month per user
    Email Zoho Mail Free Free
  • Freelancer is also a good website, I've had many logos made from user on it.

  • Merged from Building Website help please

    Hi everyone - I've made a foolish rookie error and I am now very short on time. A family member offered to build and host my website but it hasn't turned out well. Purchased the domain from godaddy and then pointed the domain to the this person in the UK. Someone suggested using square space to build the website. I've been talking to godaddy as I need to find new host and they say I can easily do it through them. Can anyone tell me what would be easier? Go daddy tell me that once I point the website to them, then I can just start the website from scratch again. Hopefully thats the right info. Thanks

  • Domain $12/yr, everything else I did it on my own and free.