NSW Freight Train Line Maps & Timetables?

Can someone point me in the right direction in regards to finding maps of NSW freight train lines and timetables? I've tried searching on Google however could not find anything.

Looking at a property and there is a train line nearby however I'm not sure how frequently the freight trains go past.

Freight trains do not bother me too much as I have lived directly behind one for over 15 years however the Mrs is hesitant.



  • Depends on who owns the lines, if it’s artc it’s probably here https://www.artc.com.au/customers/operations/mtp/2020-10-25/

  • Openrailwaymap might help you find the line name/number.

  • I’m not sure where to find a timetable but I definitely recommend looking into this further. I live close to freight trains in NSW and they go all night. Also it’s not just the noise, I can’t imagine it’s good for the building either (you can feel the building shake/vibrate at times).

  • I doubt there’s a timetable - more about when ships arrive and have to be offloaded

  • The railway is the corridor between Epping and Strathfield in NSW.

    I cannot tell from Openrailwaymap if that is actually a freight line or not? The real estate agent said it was however cannot find confirmation anywhere. I stayed there for a few hours and not one freight train went by.

    (On a side note, I wonder what is worse, living behind a freight line or below a flight pathway? My current residence backs onto a freight line and about one train every 2 hours passes by. To me it has become white noise however to guests is it shocking!)

    • I’m not sure about that line.

      I find the freight trains a lot worse than the planes. The trains are louder and can come at 3/4am. At least the planes have the curfew.

  • Go up to the line and see if it used often. A lot of rust on it or a little rust on it