Egg Chair Cover

Does anyone have a egg chair cover, we was lucky in getting one from a promo aldi had few months back but was less lucky in a kmart one previous black friday.
We dont have a lot of under roof space and our egg chair catches the sun about 3 hrs approx if not more in mornings the sun moves away.
So to protect it more and get longer out of it and as it can get at times dusty out there over time.
Also to cover the cushion and not have to take it off each time.
The sun hits one side of chair and there is not really another suitable area to place it.

I see there are zipper and non zipper editions and just curios of the zipper version is it easier to get off, i just thought it be more to prone zip version getting stuck or damaged over time and was curios if still has ties under it.
Also not measured mine but if you did get such cover was it the aldi chair you got. I know previous Aldi chairs was all in one where as latest was chair in two parts but im sure it be still same size overall.

It does look like a cover i got for my bbq once looked really thin and would not last but maybe it was better than i think, i used the bbq cover anyway and doubled it up with an aldi one.

But due to the egg chair size this cover would be better than nothing.