Tent Deals for Camping soon

Hi, i'm wondering if anyone knows of any good deals for tents and camping equipment now :)


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    4wdsupacentre is the official store for the KINGS brand of gear. They’re very reasonably priced and decent quality for the money.

    • I'd have to disagree. They have some good stuff, but a lot of it is poor quality. Their swags are good, but there is a lot of stuff I wouldn't touch from them.

      You're better off going to Tentworld or the like and getting decent service and after sales support.

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    What is your budget, how many people would it be for and what sort of trips are you planning?

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    If you're after cheap, Kmart have a half decent range of camping gear.

  • thank you everyone :) About $400 budget.. its my first time camping so i'm not too sure what to get as well but I saw a few tent deals before which are now expired for BCF and Anaconda but then nothing new.

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    The Coleman instant up series is reasonably priced and gets very good reviews. This one would probably be my choice, but there are cheaper ones without the light blocking fabric

    • Oh sorry, the budget was for everything I needed including equipment. For the tent itself i'm thinking max $200 so I was looking at this one https://www.bcf.com.au/p/coleman-pop-up-instant-tent-4-perso...

    • I've been eyeing off this tent. Looks like good value. I'd prefer a tent which could be segmented or have two or more sections for sleeping but they seem to be much more expensive. People with experience camping as family of four (young kids) would this tent be good or should I continue to look for a tent which can be sectioned off?

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    Check Gumtree or FBM but be quick as these items will sell quickly leading into summer.

    About $400 budget.. its my first time camping

    Username two thirds checks out

    • Username two thirds checks out


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  • If you're mostly camping during summer time, this tent will do the job. Easy to set up dome tent. You'll find heaps of good reviews on amazon here. Other equipments like furniture, lighting and butane stoves can be found at Bunnings.

    Edit: Nvm just realised the tent is out of stock. Check out Snowy's for some well priced quality gear.

    • Thank you so much for the suggestion, this tent looks great, I will try and find a store that stocks it !

    • Does this tent has net for avoid the fly and mozzi ? Whats is the NVM ? Is the website . I try to google its its nothing much come out.
      Thanks mate

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        Yeah it does have nets to block out insects. Nvm just stands for never mind. I think the tent is discontinued, might be difficult to find stock.

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