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LEGO Art Beatles (31198), Marilyn Monroe (31197), Star Wars The Sith (31200), Iron Man (31199) $129 Delivered @ Amazon AU/Kmart


Price drop for these 3 sets which I think is the lowest they have ever been. Iron Man is only available at Kmart.

Amazon Links
Marilyn Monroe
Star Wars the Sith

Kmart Links
Marilyn Monroe
Star Wars the Sith
Iron Man

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I hear that you can make a Yoko one with the Beatles set too, but then for some reason, it doesn't stay together.

    • thats a good one

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    Unfortunately the Sith one no longer at $129, cheapest option now $162 + $5.99 delivery.

    K-mart have it for $129 though https://www.kmart.com.au/product/lego-art-star-wars-the-sith...

    • +1

      Ah thanks! Have added the Kmart links

    • that was quick

      • Yep! But when I posted they only had 3 in stock, at least they have it at Kmart.

    • Kmart have free delivery too. And afterpay/zippay, if that matters for your current situation.

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    It will have to drop way below 100 for me to get it considering its only studs

    • But price per piece is a record low!

    • ^ This.
      Nothing fancy, just studs for puzzle.

      Will get 3x Vaders tho, if it hit $100.

  • Nice. Though I think you need to buy four sets of the Beatles one to get all four heads at once. Although I suppose it would be more fun to buy just one and rebuild it into one of the other three heads every now and then.

    • 4 sets required for Marilyn too.

      3 sets required for the secret Iron Man and Darth Vader giant portraits.

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    Didn't really get it. This Art series must be one of LEGO's most lazily engineered creations.

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    I was gifted the Beatles set.

    As someone who’s built LEGO sets for 40 years it’s easily the weirdest set I’ve come across.

    You don’t actually build anything. It’s just dot after dot after dot. The only thing you build is the frame.

    Yes, the finished product looks great. I chose to build George Harrison.

    But as a LEGO experience it left a lot to be desired.

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    … a jig-saw puzzle would do the same job … and cost about $10

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