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Überbräu Ultra Low Alcohol Lager Bottles 24×330ml $20 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ First Choice Liquor & Liquorland


@ First Choice Liquor
@ Liquorland

Stacks with 2000 Bonus flybuys Points (Worth $10) with $50+ Online Spend. (Expired)

Don't forget cashback. Currently double on beer (1.4% on ex-GST value) at Cashrewards. (Expired)

The newest addition to the Überbräu family, Ultra Low 0.4% alcohol content delivers a crisp and refreshing taste, with a delicate fruity aroma and low in carbs. Only 78 calories per 330ml serve.

Standard Drinks 0.2 0.11 Packaging Bottle
Alcohol Content 0.4% GTIN 9313938045182
Type Lager Organic No
Origin Germany Product ID 3787608
Brand Überbräu

  1. The Product Details on the websites are incorrect. They should say 0.1 standard drinks per bottle, not 0.2. 

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  • I don't think you'll be needing an Uber brau if it's only 0.4% :p

  • How many of these would a 75kg male have to consume in a 4 hour period to get over 0.05 grams blood alcohol?

    • Couple of hundred bro? I dont think you'll ever get there due to so many trips to toilet.

    • Very, very, very roughly1: 50.

      1. Based on two standard drinks in the first hour, plus one standard drink per hour thereafter.
        Note that this is very inaccurate as it depends on numerous other factors like his age, what/how much/when food is eaten, the rate of consumption of the alcohol, his emotional state, whether he has diabetes, his metabolism, his fat and muscle content, any medications being taken,and his alcohol tolerance. 

      • 4 litres of liquid per hour. The kidneys can process roughly 1 litre per hour max.

        Water intoxication is going to kick in long before alcohol intoxication.

  • I got 3 cartons the other night when first choice had 20% cash rewards.

    There's also 2000 bonus fly buy points with $50 spend.

    So I got 3 cartons for roughly $40.

  • Not enough to do anything.. but enough for provisional license drivers in NSW to get over the 0% limit

    • I'm pretty sure it would be gone by time they did the second test. This is like a lemon lime and bitters.

  • The Uberbrau lager bottles are $25.36 a slab if you get after shopback or Cashrewards 20% cashback. At least it's got 4% ABV.

  • If it helps, the regular uber brau isn't too bad. I got a slab of these the other day with all the bonuses, (worked out to be $15).

    These are kinda like a champagne beer. Super gassy, thin, maybe a little metallic after taste. Not terrible, but not great…Heineken zero is a way better 'beer'.

    Get the regular Uber, unless you are a corona beer person then this may float ya boat.

  • Removed product Uberbrau Ultra Low Alcohol Lager 330mL in NSW as it is no longer in stock.

    • Don't listen to the stupid website when it gives you that stupid message.

      What that message really means is that it's not available for delivery anywhere in NSW and it's also not in stock at your selected store, e.g. Ashfield (and thus not available for Click & Collect there).

      If you change your selected store (e.g. to Naremburn or Maroubra), then if it's in stock there, you can order it for Click & Collect.

      • Its even worse than that.

        You can also get that stupid message even if it's available at your selected store/state: if you have some in your cart and you switch to C&C in a store in another state that doesn't have stock, then the product is removed from the cart but the error message refers to the previous state (which does have stock) instead of the state corresponding to the newly selected store (which might still have stock, just not at that store)!

  • What's the point…….

  • It's showing as 20$ on the liquorland website.