Using an ISP modem for another ISP

I’ve recently switched from telstra to Optus NBN and noticed that I get intermittent slow speed/dropouts when gaming online. Multiple calls to Optus without success saying that they don’t see any dropouts from their end.

I have multiple users at home and I’m wondering if the Optus modem is subpar compared to telstra one, being unable to support MIMO or something.

So can I use my telstra modem for Optus?



    You should be able to use the Telstra modem with Optus as long as it allows you to enter the username and password in the settings. I have the modem from Exetel and am currently using it with Superloop.


    Yes you can use the Telstra router.
    You will need to go the the network settings and change from Dynamic IP to Pppoe and enter your credentials.

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    Optus support people IMHO can only support you if the fault you have is on one of their scripts they have read or know about. What ever you do, do NOT get an Optus modem as it's got Optus specific firmware in it and depending on which one you may not be able to change things as some modems have options removed compared to the retail version.

    I suggest try and find the appropriate forum ans ask there as this is OZ bargain, not OZ support.


    Just swapped the modem, entered username and password and the connection is live! I'll see if the connection is better now like before, thanks.


    I think one problem might be if you use VOIP as most Telstra modems don't give you access to change VOIP settings.