Parking Fine $262 - Park in Front of My House, Council Put New Sign and Fined

I have seen a parking fine displayed in to my car parked overnight for few days in front of my house.

Council recently placed a NEW no park sign but I don't notice it and left the car and noticed it after the fine. Since I use the car only during weekend because I am working from home ,I don't notice the new sign , As a resident haven't been noticed by council ( not sure It is compulsory) . I am sure that the new sign placed on the same day or previous day .,

Am I able to appeal to the council or if the council refuse then go the court?

Please share your experiences and advice.


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    Write a letter and apply for a permit. Councils are pretty reasonable when you are a resident in the district.

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    Contact your own local councillor and discuss the matter with them

    Tell them exactly what happened in detail….

    They are there to help people in their ward.

    Your very own local councillor will be able to advise you on what to do etc

    At least that is what councillors do here in WA.

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      Councillors represent their constituents, but they won't make any decisions in relation to parking fines. I find having an initial discussion with the relevant council employees usually resolves matters that I have raised, and I only discuss with my local councillor to escalate a problem.

      • Councillors might have no 'official' say, but when they write to the Council employees about the matter it carries enormous weight.

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    No parking - as in no cars at all or
    No parking - as in resident permits only

  • Photos

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    Please provide MS Paint drawing to explain the location of both your car and the parking sign.

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      Please use red and green markers as well with a topographic Google maps screenshot as the background

      • Dash cam footage?

        • I'd suscribe to the youtube channel if they were wiling to re-enact it.

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        Can I have it saved in *.bmp format please

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    If it’s a new sign and you legit didn’t notice you may get let off this time, especially if your car was there when they put the sign up. Contact council.

    If you moved your car away and came back to new signs you have a slim chance of leniency.

    It’d be nice if they applied some sort of war in system for a new parking restriction, but they don’t have to. It’s up to a driver to be aware of the surroundings and often a new shiny sign is easy to notice - if you don’t drive around with your eyes shut.

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    Most likely this sign was put there because residents were complaining of a lack of parking spaces/congestion.
    If you don't have a garage then yeah, write to the council for leneance as this is a bit of a shit move.
    However if your property has a garage and you're not using it to store your car then i don't have a heap of sympathy unfortunately.

  • The appeal process is on the councils website. Hurry up because they pass them off to the OSR fairly quickly.

  • Council generally would send out a letter in advanced notifying residents