Swap from Android to iPhone - Help Me: )

Started out with a Samsung Galaxy S2 way back when, through S4, S5, S6, S7, A3, and now with an S10

I'm sick of my Samsung constantly dimming the display and turning of the ringer volume and other weird and wonderful fusterclucks, so thinking of swapping over to Apple, anyone else been a long term user and done the swap, if so how was it?

Have been considering an iPhone 12 Pro 512GB (seeing as there's no external SD card access), but want to have dual SIM capability, ie two physical SIMs and not a SIM and eSIM. I'm not sure if that model is available, and if so whether I can source one in AU, anyone know where to procure?

Cheers and TIA.


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    Longtime Android user here, but I also have used iPhones recently (like when my Pixel 2 was sent in for assessment) and generally the feature set is on parity - plus you can just sign into all your Google services on your iPhone. The only thing I miss is "ok Google" hotword activation, but Siri is always there I suppose. One thing I will say is that iPhones seem to be just way better at taking video than any Androids, although my Pixel 5 is leaps and bounds better than the Pixel 2 in video quality and features.

    Personally I don't think you'll have any major issues whichever way you go - as both Apple and Google have made it easy to transition to their respective ecosystems.

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    constantly dimming the display and turning of the ringer volume

    Have you disabled auto dimming / incorrect power saving settings?

    You aren't accidentally pressing the volume down button?

    I've never experienced these issues.

    • Thanks MS Paint, yes I've pretty much checked, re-checked, un-checked, and checked again all the various settings, to no avail. It even happened regularly on my S10e. Pressing the volume down button, when the screen is locked, doesn't do anything, does it?


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    I know you're sick of issues with Samsung phones, so have you considered switching to other Android brands?

    • I have, thanks, but the only one that I'd feel comfortable with is a Google Pixel, the lack of external storage is an issue for me though.

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    the apple ecosystem is the definition of fustercluck

    • I've always though that too, but the other half doesn't have the same issues with her iPhone 11.

  • Don't - you will regret it

    Try another Android brand, one that has made a million phones already, Huawei etc

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      Maybe anything but Huawei. Especially if you want easy access to Google ecosystem

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        True, I forgot about that part, but from what youtube say its not that difficult, just have to download the apk files

      • Yeah, no Huawei for me thanks.

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    If you have Macbooks, iMacs, iPad etc, it could be a great swap if you really use the ecosystem.
    If not, I don't think it's worth the price tag. You'll miss the customisability, and spend big bucks to switch.

    iPhone is really simple, which may or may not be what you want. Great cameras though, and Airdrop, continuity, software support, and warranty/customer service is great.

    I miss/enjoy the little things with Android (split screen/dual app use, native haptic feedback when typing, searching contacts with the dialpad, bezel-less design, high refresh, icon packs).

    Decide on what features you want/use the most and find a few flagship phones that suit you.

    Honestly, it sounds like you have a buggy phone. Software updates/factory resetting after backing up your photos etc (e.g. Google photos/transfer to computer), will probably fix it. You still have a great new phone, so you could fix it and save some money.

    I would only switch to iPhone for the ecosystem, otherwise, I'd save some money and get an android flagship.

    (Macbook owner, Win10 PC user, S7 and S10 Plus owner, iPhone 8 owner)

    • I only have Win 10 computers, and a Samsung S6 Tablet. Not keen on the Apple PCs, although I do like their hardware. The issues I'm having have been across a number of Samsung flagships, maybe it's me!

      • haha maybe! Definitely think about what you need/want out of a phone as those features will easily determine which phone is suitable e.g. if you NEED dual sim capability but iPhone doesn't have it then you're looking at Android by default haha. I would think that Android flagships would offer better value for money in general though.

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    There's more to Android than Samsung - despite popular opinion, there are much better Android phones out there and for less money,

    Long time Android user and I've never experienced any of the issues you speak of.

    I also have iPhones, they're good for some, but they're not my thing. The idea of them "just working" is a tale of past times.

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    I've never operated an Android powered phone for an extended period of time. 12 years ago thereabouts someone gave me an iPod touch for some work I did (basically an iPhone 3) and ever since then I've really liked the devices. I have no input on your swap, all I can say is from lots of experience and not being a hater:

    1) I've never had any issues with any devices. Never had any quirky behaviour. I've had a 3, 4, 5, 6, and now a 12. The 6 lasted me 5 years with no issues. Some other upgrades were like from 5 to 6 were convenient, E.g. half price, otherwise I wouldn't have upgraded. The resale value has always been good. I would have dropped the 6 at least 20 times from 1m and it's never had an issue, never broken or cracked etc. I had an Apple leather Case on it since forever. That's a $60 case though!!

    2) I'm a computer programmer by trade and love to tinker, build machines, change things up, but I'm satisfied with the devices.

    3) I have some family with iPhones, some with Android powered phones, and honestly I only hear people complaining about their Android phones (Samsung, Sony, Google). Mainly quirky behaviour. But I get that, being a programmer, building an OS to handle so many devices is hard. Since I got the iPhone 6, 5 years back, my brother has replaced his phone 3 times due to catastrophic issues.

    I think you'll be ok. 512gb is up there. What do you store on it? Unless I load mine up with videos for watching on a plane or something, I never really go over 40gb of use.


    • Thanks Keegs, I'm old school IT from way back when, the more on board memory, and access to external memory, is what I'm comfortable with, hence the 512GB proposal.

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    Started off with the flagship HTC phone back in 2011…then changed to iphone in 2013..never looked back

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    Wife had Samsungs for a while. Eventually, for whatever reason characters in the screen went blocky. Then she bought a new one - same thing .. so we moved to Motorola. Happy since.

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      +1 for Motorola.

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        I bought the wife a new Motorola (after she smashed her previous one) at JB for $239.
        Moto G9 play.

        they're so cheap, they're almost disposable and they have all the real useful features.

    • Cheers FoxJump, haven't had a Motorola since before my Samsung S2, are they any good these days or are they like the Nokias?

      • we're happy.
        We don't buy it for the amazing camera .. I have a DSLR for that.
        We don't buy them for the 10000000000x10000000000000 gold-oled-platinum screen.
        We buy them because simcard, memorycard, usb c, bt, nfc and huge battery and cheap; oh and also the shake for 'torch" and 'twist' for camera we love..

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    I have had androids for the past ten years, and recently I have had issues with my past to samsung phones. I bought an iPad Pro for uni, as I'm studying architecture, and recently (last week) I bought an iPhone 12 and haven't looked back. I'm not sure dual (phsyical) sim iPhone exists, or if it does defiantly not in Aus, and I wouldn't recommend buying an international iPhone as you won't be covered under ACL.

    • Yes, I'm a bit worried about bringing in an iPhone to the specs I want, if I can find one somewhere, but doesn't Apple offer international warranty on its phones?

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    Why not try Google Pixels or One Plus before jumping to iPhone?

    If you decided already here's a handy guide:


    • Thanks Wiede, will check out the One Plus, Pixel doesn't have external storage.

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        I bought a OnePlus 8 Pro.
        Its insanely fast, and has the most stunning display I have ever seen with QHD and 120HZ both useable at the same time.
        And I am getting 8 hours of screen on time, amazing battery life.

        Its not free of bugs.
        VOLTE/VOWIFI doesn't work.
        Most recent updated made 5g not work.
        Curve screen is incredibly annoying (but 8T doesn't have a curved screen so could be an option) as it leads to your palms causing accident touches + light reflects off the curved part of the screen making text hard to read + the curve itself distorts text on the edges.
        Annoying bugs like SMS stuck on sending (though may be an android think as I did once have this on my previous Samsung A70.
        The bugs and poor curved screen are enough for me to regret purchasing it.

        I think you should go for the Samsung FE S20 5g (4g doesn't have snapdragon so is a no go) via edu store or samsung kiosk 300 dollar off deal.
        It does have reported touch screen issues - so buy from somewhere were you can return it if you get a bad handset.

        Pixel 5 seems waaay overpriced @ 1000$ , when you see a OnePlus 8 Pro feature set at $1300 (e.g. 90 hz vs 120 hz, fhd vs qhd, 765 chip vs 865 chip, battery size, finger print back vs front).

  • No VOWIFI is a deal breaker for me, I've got a dual SIM S10 ATM as reception around home on both Telstra and Optus networks is woeful to non existant, so I have to rely on voice over wi-fi.

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